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Response to the review of the Higher Education Provider Category Standards Harry Rolf 20/03/2019
Response to the proposed merger of Cengage and McGraw-Hill Harry Rolf 27/11/2019
Response to the Future Humanities Workforce Harry Rolf 06/06/2019
Response to the Data Sharing and Release Legislation issues paper Harry Rolf 10/09/2018
Response to Standards Australia's new model Harry Rolf 27/11/2019
Respecting Indigenous Knowledge Kate Davis 01/11/2021
Respect Now Always Media Release Harry Rolf 17/11/2017
Researcher to Reader Conference Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
Research Support Community of Practice Harry Rolf 16/12/2021
Research Repositories Community Days 2019 Program Cicy Zheng 13/11/2019
Research Repositories Community Days 2019 call for presentations Harry Rolf 22/07/2019
Research Repositories Community Days 2018 call for expressions of interest [Extended] Harry Rolf 18/07/2018
Research Publications Repository Survey Report 2017 Harry Rolf 08/01/2018
Renewal Offers for 2023 Subscription Year Alisha Ashley 28/09/2022
Related Organisations Mark Sutherland 12/07/2022
Recruitment information: FAIR and Open Non-Traditional Research Outputs project Cicy Zheng 03/02/2022
RDA 11th Plenary Meeting 'From Data to Knowledge' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Quietly Powerful: Unlocking your Hidden Leadership Superpower Kate Davis 01/11/2021
QQML2018 Conference Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Publicly Accessible Documents and Reports Harry Rolf 22/11/2022
Publications Harry Rolf 07/01/2019
Public Policy Statements and Responses Harry Rolf 10/07/2020
Project MUSE Update Meeting Alisha Ashley 10/05/2022
Professional Development Services Harry Rolf 04/06/2020
Procurement Committee Mark Sutherland 16/11/2022
Principles and Guidelines for Australian Higher Education Libraries, 2016 Harry Rolf 02/01/2019
Plan S Revised Implementation Guidelines welcomed Harry Rolf 31/05/2019
PIDapalooza 2018 Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
Past programs Harry Rolf 19/06/2018
Oxford University Press and CAUL announce publishing collaboration for university libraries in Australia and New Zealand Cicy Zheng 25/10/2021
ORCID, DOIs and return on investment for research infrastructure Larissa Denham 18/08/2021
OPERAS Conference: 'Open Scholarly Communication in Europe. Addressing the Coordination Problem' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Open Repositories Conference 2019 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Open Repositories 2018: Bozeman Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Open Educational Resources Professional Development Program Kate Davis 30/08/2022
Open Educational Resources Collective Community Day Cicy Zheng 20/05/2022
Open Educational Resources Collective Kate Davis 04/11/2022
Open Education Global Conference 2018 'Transforming education through open approaches' Feona Abercrombie 19/02/2018
Open Athens Q&A session Alisha Ashley 13/04/2022
Open and FAIR dissemination of research: towards a national approach Cicy Zheng 02/09/2020
Open Access Australasia and CAUL support for UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science Cicy Zheng 25/11/2021
Office Resources Harry Rolf 12/07/2018
OER Collective-Pressbooks Training 2-Advanced PressbooksEDU Publishing Cicy Zheng 26/05/2022
OER Collective-Pressbooks Training 1-Getting started with Pressbooks Cicy Zheng 20/05/2022
OER Collective Library Staff CoP 2023/6 Cicy Zheng 08/11/2022
OER Collective Library Staff CoP 2023/5 Cicy Zheng 08/11/2022
OER Collective Library Staff CoP 2023/4 Cicy Zheng 08/11/2022
OER Collective Library Staff CoP 2023/3 Cicy Zheng 08/11/2022
OER Collective Library Staff CoP 2023/2 Cicy Zheng 08/11/2022
OER Collective Library Staff CoP 2023/1 Cicy Zheng 08/11/2022