About CAUL

The Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) is the peak leadership organisation for university libraries in Australia. CAUL members are the University Librarians or equivalent of the 39 institutions that have representation on Universities Australia and the 8 members of the Council of New Zealand University Librarians (CONZUL).

CAUL makes a significant contribution to higher education strategy, policy and outcomes through a commitment to a shared purpose: To transform how people experience knowledge – how it can be discovered, used and shared.

CAUL’s vision is that society is transformed through the power of research, teaching and learning. University libraries are essential knowledge and information infrastructures that enable student achievement and research excellence.

CAUL is an incorporated association in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), it is governed by a Constituion and a set of Strategic priorities that further its goals as an association.

CAUL's Goals

  1. Position university libraries as essential infrastructure for teaching, learning and research in their institutions.
  2. Advance open and equitable access to knowledge, information and data.
  3. Be a recognised authority on the purpose, value and impact of university libraries in higher education and research.
  4. Foster cooperative activity between university libraries in Australia and internationally for the benefit of their students, teachers and researchers.
  5. Represent the interests of its members to government, the community and other stakeholders;
  6. Promote members’ views and values in national and international discourse on relevant issues and public policy developments.
  7. Facilitate the sharing of best practice, information and innovation among its members.
  8. Foster leadership and professional growth of current and future leaders in university libraries.

Strategic Priorities – Our areas of focus for 2020 -2022


The CAUL Board establishes strategic priorities aligned to CAUL's goals. The Board is responsible for policy and its execution; the governance, prioritisation and allocation of resources; and, establishing and fostering strategic partnerships and collaborations to address, nationally and internationally, the issues and opportunities impacting Australian university libraries.


CAUL has a national and international perspective on issues relevant to university libraries. CAUL provides a forum for discussion and collaboration, and works to promote the common interest. To this end CAUL undertakes a wide range of activities on behalf of its members and the community. 

Key activities include:

  1. Advancing public policy discourse through submissions, policy statements and position papers.
  2. Developing skills and practice for university librarians and information professionals through an annual calendar of events, workshops, webinars and activities.
  3. Providing insight through an extensive range of data, analytics and reports on university libraries.
  4. Advancing solutions for critical challenges through strategic programs of work including
  5. Facilitating digital scholarly content procurement program for Australian and New Zealand universities and research organisations.
  6. Sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration through communities of practice, communication and collaborations.


Since the first meeting of Australian university librarians in 1928 and the formation of the Committee of Australian University Librarians in 1965, CAUL has sought to ensure a common voice and representation for all university libraries, provide a forum for discussion, and promote common interests.

Author Harry Rolf
Last modified 2 July 2020