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Please note: The CAUL Statistics platform is currently being migrated to new infrastructure. The interactive Statistics websites are currently unavailable. CAUL Member institution staff will be advised when the new platform is available. To access historical datasets, please download the files at the bottom of the page. 

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The CAUL Statistics Services focus on collecting and presenting data from university libraries in Australia and New Zealand, for the purposes of cross-institutional benchmarking, facilitating the demonstration of value and impact, and enabling the provision of sector-level aggregate data for the profiling of ANZ academic libraries.

The CAUL Statistics include data on collections, staffing, expenditure, library services, and library and university characteristics for all Australian and New Zealand university libraries. The statistics are produced annually from data supplied by CAUL (and CONZUL) institutions.

Statistics were originally published in 1953 in the "News Sheet of the University and College Libraries Section, Library Association of Australia". Data were recorded in "The Red Book". CAVAL has managed the collection and compilation of the data since 1992. The data were published each year as the September supplement of Australian Academic and Research Libraries (AARL) until this was discontinued in 2008.

Notes: The definitions for data element have changed over time and elements have been removed or changed. Be mindful of this when observing trends and making comparisons of data over multiple years.

CAUL and CONZUL Library Statistics Datasets

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