CAUL Strategy 2023 - 2025

Download the CAUL Strategy 2023 - 2025.

The current Strategic Enabling Programs are:

  • Open Access
  • Open Educational Resources
  • From Decolonisation to Indigenisation* 

* From Decolonisation to Indigenisation is a working title for the program.

Past Strategic Plans

  • Strategic plans 2016 - 2019: Following a review of CAUL's committee structures & processes in 2010, the strategic plan was revised to take into account this new capacity and direction, and updated in late 2012 to take CAUL forward in 2013-2015. A complete review was undertaken in March 2014, resulting in a completely new approach to CAUL's strategic directions. In 2016 CAUL conducted a review of its 2014-2016 strategy and in March 2017 two new strategic priorities were endorsed as the CAUL 2017 - 2019 strategic plan: Fair, affordable and open access to knowledge; which rolled into the rebadged "Advancing Open Scholarship" program and Digital dexterity – the new skills for learning and research excellence program which was completed in 2019 and resulted in the establishment of a Digital Dexterity Community of Practice.
Author Harry Rolf
Last modified 21 March 2024