In pursuit of its mission, CAUL develops a national perspective on issues relevant to university libraries, provides a forum for discussion and collaboration and works to promote common interests. The CAUL Board establishes and pursues a strategic plan that aligns with the organisations objectives persuant to the constituion. The latest public reports are the CAUL Year in Review 2019 and the Strategic Themes for 2020 (below).


CAUL Strategic Themes 2020 - 2022

Following a process of extensive consultation throughout 2019 CAUL defined four strategic themes to guide its plan of action in 2020 – 2022.

The strategic themes are:

  • Advancing Open Scholarship
  • Enabling a Modern Curriculum
  • Respecting Indigenous Knowledge
  • Inspiring Sustainability

CAUL Strategic Plan 2017-2019

Following a review of CAUL's committee structures & processes in 2010, the strategic plan was revised to take into account this new capacity and direction, and updated in late 2012 to take CAUL forward in 2013-2015.  A complete review was undertaken in March 2014, resulting in a completely new approach to CAUL's strategic directions. In 2016 CAUL conducted a review of its 2014-2016 strategy and in March 2017 two new strategic priorities were endorsed as the CAUL 2017 - 2019 strategic plan:

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Author Harry Rolf
Last modified 2 June 2020