Digital Dexterity - the new skills for learning and research excellence

Program director Carmel O'Sullivan
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The Digital Dexterity- the new skills for learning and research excellence program is part of CAUL's 2017 - 2019 strategic plan.

The program's objectives are:

  • that Australian universities recognise the importance of digital dexterity in accomplishing their missions and that they engage with CAUL on its delivery this area
  • that Australian graduates have access to the digital skills to enable them both to thrive in a global work context and to become effective global citizens. 

A number of associated projects took place in 2018:

  • Capacity Building in Digital Dexterity
  • Digital Dexterity Engagement and Advocacy
  • Digital Dexterity Framework

Activity (March 2019)

On February 11, the CAUL Digital Dexterity program teams, along with CAVAL and UTS, hosted a launch event and workshop for 70 participants from both Australian and New Zealand CAUL member institutions.  This event was facilitated by Helen Beetham ( ) who is very well known in this area, along with the Digital Dexterity Capability Building project team.  We were thrilled to have participants from 29 of our institutions participate in the day.

To recap, the CAUL Digital Dexterity Program consists of three project teams, led by Alison Slocombe, Clare McKenzie, and Fiona Salisbury.  They have produced –

  1. The CAUL Digital Dexterity position statement (pdf, 06/03/19)
  2. The CAUL Digital Dexterity Framework (pdf, 06/03/2019)
  3. A visual representation of the Framework (the multi-coloured jigsaw)
  4. A signed memorandum of understanding with CAVAL to run a Digital Dexterity Community of Practice
  5. A launch event and workshop (tweets here - , photos here)
  6. A re-purposed email list for potential champions and other interested parties to join.
  7. A role description for a Digital Dexterity Champions - position description (pdf, 6/03/19) and role explanation (pdf, 6/03/19)
  8. An approved ethics application to underpin evaluation of the Community of Practice.
  9. An accepted proposal for a paper about the program to be delivered at the IATUL conference later in 2019.

What’s next?

  • At the CAUL Council meeting at the end of this month we will discuss an advocacy toolkit, as well as the DigiDex Champions and the Community of Practice
  • During April we will be calling on University Librarians from both Australia and New Zealand to nominate Digital Dexterity Champions.
  • In May, we will launch the CAUL-CAVAL Digital Dexterity Community of Practice.
  • The project teams will work with CAVAL to establish Digital Dexterity Champions CoP and plan for next major event in February 2020 (a VALA satellite event)
  • The project teams will work with CAUL to make Digital Dexterity resources available on Digital Dexterity website
Author Harry Rolf
Last modified 3 April 2019