Digital Dexterity Engagement & Advocacy


This project will provide CAUL with a strategy, plan and means to engage with stakeholders and advocate on digital dexterity.


  1. Develop an engagement and advocacy strategy including stakeholder analysis and advocacy targets.
  2. Develop and implement engagement and advocacy plan
  3. Evaluate engagement and advocacy activities



PDF icon Digital Dexterity Advocacy Toolkit (PDF, 3/4/2019) (pdf, 1.05 MB, last modified 26/03/2019)


Senior Librarian - Learning and Engagement Services, Ourimbah at University of Newcastle
Manager of the Hargrave-Andrew Library at Monash University
Associate Director Research Services Development at University of Sydney
Associate Director, Research and Learning at University of Wollongong
Team Lead [field_term]
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Last modified 17 March 2020