CAUL survey results are not accessible from the public pages of the website. CAUL Members may login to view results, reports and summaries. 

See the tables below, organised by the year in which the survey was conducted.


Guidelines for the Conduct of CAUL Surveys

The following principles are used (to varying degrees) in surveying CAUL and responding to such surveys:

For the surveyor:

  1. Surveys may be conducted by any CAUL member, or their representative, via the CAUL member (University Librarian or equivalent)
  2. Surveys are generally conducted by email to the CAUL Members (council) email list or an online survey disseminated via the CAUL Members (council) email list
  3. Include in the subject line of the email message the subject of the survey, the date and the name of the institution e.g. Benchmarking Survey (QUT 22/4/19)
  4. Nominate a closing date for responses, preferably not less than two weeks.
  5. Include the responses of the surveying institution, as a guide to the intention of the questions.
  6. Summarise all responses after the closing date, and forward the responses to the CAUL National Office for uploading to the survey repository. 

NB:  Ethics clearance is not required for CAUL surveys.  CAUL surveys are neither research, nor are they institution-based.  Responses do not require personal information to be provided.  (Name and contact details are not considered to be personal information in this context.)

Surveys from other lists populated by CAUL institution staff are also captured for the CAUL survey repository e.g. from the Content Community list, the CAUL Deputies list, etc. and the responses should be forwarded to the CAUL National Office as above.

For the respondents:

1. Send the replies only to the surveying institution, which is responsible for summarising and reporting the responses to the rest of CAUL.
2. Use the email "Reply" facility wherever possible, to keep the subject and the content of the message intact, or as a last resort, repeat the subject line from the original message.
3. Respond by the requested date.

A list of surveys for each year is displayed below.

Links to survey results are available after logging in.

Author Harry Rolf
Last modified 19 January 2024