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Jill BennCarmel O'SullivanBob Gerrity

Mark Sutherland

Photos (left to right from top left hand corner): Jill Benn, Carmel O'Sullivan, Bob Gerrity, Constance Wiebrands, Gwenda Thomas, Fiona Salisbury, Janet FletcherMark Sutherland

Board Membership

The Board consists of four (4) Directors elected from among the full members of CAUL and three (3) Directors appointed by the Board for their skills and experience (not required to be a member of CAUL). Elections are held each year as terms end. Terms of Directors are for two years, for a maximum of three consecutive terms (maximum of six consecutive years). A Director of the Board may hold an officer role for a maximum of four consecutive years. Board members have access to a comprehensive Board Manual and a repository of Corporate Documents.

There are three ongoing officer roles to which Directors of the Board may be assigned by the Board: Chair, Deputy Chair and Chair of the Finance, Risk & Audit Committee. A fourth ongoing officer role is that of Chair of the Content Procurement Committee which is equivalent to a program director role. Program director roles may be assigned as needed to lead the implementation of strategy. The Executive Director is an ex officio member of the Board. 


Director type

First Joined

Current term ending

Current role

Jill Benn



30 Sep 2023

Chair of the Board / Chair of CAUL

Carmel O'Sullivan



30 Sep 2022

Deputy Chair and Chair of Finance, Risk & Audit Committee

Robert Gerrity



30 Sep 2023

Service Director for Content Procurement and Chair of Content Procurement Committee

Constance Wiebrands



30 Sep 2022

Program Director for Respecting Indigenous Knowledge

Gwenda Thomas



30 Sep 2023

Program Director for Building Sustainable Leadership

Fiona Salisbury



30 Sep 2023

Program Director for Enabling a Modern Curriculum

Janet Fletcher Appointed   2022 30 Sep 2022 Unassigned (as from 18/3/22)

Executive Director (ex officio): Mark Sutherland (July 2019 - )


University Librarian at Monash University
Director, Scholarly Services (University Librarian) at University of Melbourne
University Librarian at Edith Cowan University
Executive Director at CAUL
University Librarian at Victoria University of Wellington
University Librarian at University of Western Australia
Executive Director Library Services at Western Sydney University
Director Library Services at University of Southern Queensland
Director Corporate Services at Australian Library and Information Association
Author Mark Sutherland
Last modified 23 March 2022