Strategic Directions

In pursuit of its mission, CAUL develops a national perspective on issues relevant to university libraries, provides a forum for discussion and collaboration and works to promote common interests.

The CAUL constitution (item 1.1.6) says that 'to establish and pursue a strategic plan...' is an important objective of CAUL.

Following a review of CAUL's committee structures & processes in 2010, the strategic plan was revised to take into account this new capacity and direction, and updated in late 2012 to take CAUL forward in 2013-2015.  A complete review was undertaken in March 2014, resulting in a completely new approach to CAUL's strategic directions.

In 2016 CAUL conducted a reivew of its 2014-2016 strategy and in March 2017 two new strategic priorities were endorsed:

CAUL years in review

  • CAUL 2017 - the year in review (in progress)
  • CAUL 2016 - CAUL.About booklet (2016)
  • CAUL 2015 - the year in review
  • CAUL 2014 - the year in review
  • CAUL 2013 - the year in review
  • CAUL 2012 - the year in review
  • CAUL 2011 - the year in review
  • CAUL 2010 - the year in review

CAUL strategic plans (historical)

  • Strategic plan 2013 - 2015
  • Strategic plan 2010 - 2012

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Author Harry Rolf
Last modified 7 January 2019