Supporting Open Data: CAUL - ARDC Partnership

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Supporting Open Data: CAUL – ARDC Partnership

Rosie Hicks, CEO of the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) will outline the ARDC's role in promoting and advocating for data that is as open as possible and as closed as necessary. The ARDC is a supporter and provider of essential underpinning technology and resources, acting as an important catalyst for national coordination. This presentation will include Q&A time to obtain input from CAUL members and enable further discussion.

When: Wednesday 25 November 2020 at 11:00am – 12:00pm AEDT

Where: Zoom Webinar

“Open data, by definition, should be freely available, easily discoverable, anonymous, accessible and published in ways and with licences that allow reuse.” (

For an engineer, a cow is sometimes modelled as a sphere in vacuum. Yet it's difficult to apply this in real life. In the data world, ‘open’ is sometimes applied as the aspirational target for data. While reducing a problem to its simplest form can help to explain core principles and aid in thinking about infrastructure, policy and approaches, such simplification can also subsequently hinder the model's application to reality. FAIR provides the framework to structure that difficult journey and describe suitable resting points along the way.

For this reason, the ARDC focuses on FAIR as the framework within which ‘open’ and other forms of data accessibility can thrive. FAIR acts as a pathway for more data being more available to more people.

The ARDC has recently brought together the national eResearch, data skills and workforce development communities to develop a national agenda, scope and vision of roles and responsibilities, using the FAIR principles as the foundation for enabling researchers to effectively use high-impact data and tools. Rosie will outline the key actions from these communities and the ARDC’s primary areas of activity and responsibility, as well as the proposed focus areas that we feel are the responsibility of our partners and collaborators.



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Supporting Open Data, CAUL - ARDC Partnership

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Supporting Open Data, CAUL - ARDC Partnership

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Last modified 26 November 2020