The Leader Within - Create the culture that you want to be a part of

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

What does it mean to be a leader? How do you recognise leadership? How can we ALL be leaders, regardless of the role we hold? How can we use our own leadership to help create the workplace culture that WE want to be a part of? 

These key questions will form the basis of this presentation - The Leader Within. 

It’s individuals that make a workplace great, and those workplaces that nurture our inner leaders to help create engaging and productive cultures where we can feel valued and fulfilled, are well on the way towards cultivating a vibrant culture of leadership. One of the first things to understand about culture is that it’s EVERYONE’S responsibility. YOU are what make up the culture of your team and your organisation. 

Commonly, we believe that culture starts from the top, and so we sit  and wait to be led, however we  rarely feel heard. But what if you knew HOW to use your inner leadership to start influencing the culture of your workplace? 

In this event, Emma will help us to uncover our inner leaders to help create the workplace culture that we want to be a part of. 

During this event you’ll learn:

  • What it means to be a leader (it’s different from a manager)
  • How you can influence the culture in your workplace (regardless of your role)
  • How you can lead at ANY level of an organisation ( and why you SHOULD)
  • How to uncover your own personal leadership style
  • Actions to take right now to start influencing culture

Join us as we work through the answers to these questions and brainstorm ways to take action and make a culture of leadership a reality.

With Emma Rhoades

Passionate about creating authentic and courageous leaders, Emma is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder of Her Leadership Journey and Creator of the Inspired Leaders Academy.

Emma’s ability to help women in the workplace to transform from invisible and unheard, into an influential and inspirational leader has resulted in many women stepping into their true, authentic leadership and moving up their career ladder. 

She brings a unique combination of formal study and her own less than desirable experiences in the workplace to inspire leaders to own their ambitions, to increase their visibility and leave a lasting impact on those they serve. 

She’s curious, asks loads of questions and will push you to believe in yourself like you’ve never done before.

Part of the Learning from Bold Minds in Leadership series

Learning from Bold Minds in Leadership is a leadership development opportunity for staff at all levels. 

In times of change, uncertainty and complexity, strong leadership is critical - at all levels of the organisation. The Learning from Bold Minds in Leadership series has been designed to inspire and challenge you to be a bold and courageous leader, regardless of whether you hold a designated leadership role.

Find out more about the series.


A recording is available to registered participants and was distributed via email after the event.

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Author Cicy Zheng
Last modified 17 February 2022