Learning from Bold Minds in Leadership

A leadership development opportunity for staff at all levels.

In times of change, uncertainty and complexity, strong leadership is critical - at all levels of the organisation. The Learning from Bold Minds in Leadership series has been designed to inspire and challenge you to be a bold and courageous leader, regardless of whether you hold a designated leadership role. 

From September 2021 to June 2022, the series will bring you six virtual events featuring Bold Minds - thought leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and courageous leaders. Join a range of fresh and innovative world-class speakers to learn about leading (and living) in uncertainty and complexity, developing your leadership style and values, and forging your own leadership path.

Alongside the virtual event series, you’ll have ongoing opportunities to connect, discuss and engage with your peers and colleagues online between sessions.

About the Events

Event 1: Leading through Uncertainty and Change

Constantine Pappas | People Priority
16 September 2021 | 3pm - 4:15pm AEST

We are leading (and living) in uncertain times. This event will kick off the Learning from Bold Minds in Leadership series by exploring what it means to lead in the challenging context we find ourselves in right now. How do you develop and maintain resilience and engagement, both personally and professionally? How do we best support ourselves and our colleagues, and what are some strategies to maintain momentum, energy and focus in a complex landscape?

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Event 2: Quietly Powerful: Unlocking your Hidden Leadership Superpower

Megumi Miki | Author and consultant in leadership, culture, diversity and inclusion
20 October 2021 | 3pm - 4:15pm AEDT

Are you a quieter professional? Or do you have quiet individuals in your team? Learn how you can thrive and lead authentically as a ‘quietly powerful’ leader. Recognise the challenges for quieter leaders and professionals by rethinking our beliefs about what good leadership looks like.

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Event 3: Leading for Diversity

Mundanara Bayles | Leadership Songlines: embedding Aboriginal Knowledge in your leadership style
23 November 2021 | 2pm - 3:15pm AEDT

How can leaders develop an awareness of diversity? Learn about recognising unconscious bias, building your cultural knowledge and respecting diversity across teams and workplaces.

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Event 4: Building (and being part of) a Culture of Leadership

Emma Rhoades | The Leader Within - Uncovering your internal leadership to help create the culture that YOU want to be a part of
16 February 2022 | 12pm-1:15pm AEDT

Culture and leadership are inextricably linked. What makes a great organisational culture? What does great leadership look like? How can we, regardless of our role, help to participate in and build a culture of leadership in our organisations?

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Event 5: Leading for Innovation - Fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation

Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett | Leading for Innovation - Fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation

5 April 2022 |11:00am to 12:15pm AEST

How do you cultivate an innovative and entrepreneurial attitude as a leader, particularly in uncertain times? Learn how to accept failure as part of learning and development, and identify your own personal approach to risk.

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Event 6: Realise your Future Leadership Potential

Dr Neil Carrington | Are you Leading your Business or managing your BUSYness?

This session will focus on moving from ideas to making it a reality! It’s an opportunity to reflect on your leadership philosophy, both personally and professionally,  and look forward. What does your future leadership path look like, and how can you put that into action?

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Bonus Event: Perspectives on Leadership

29 June 2022

Hear from a panel of university library leaders at different levels from across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand - their thoughts and reflections on the leadership ideas raised throughout the Learning from Bold Minds in Leadership series. This event will be offered free to staff of CAUL Member institutions.

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Registration for all events is through Eventbrite. You will find a link to register on the event page for each event. 

Advance Payments for 2022 Events

CAUL Member institutions can pay in advance for 2022 events. Complete the online form and we'll issue you with an invoice. When registrations open for each event, we will contact you with information about how your staff can register.


2021 Events

Given the current straitened financial climate and the complexities of managing ongoing lockdowns, registrations for the 2021 events will be subsidised by CAUL. 

CAUL Member institutions

CAUL Member institutions have been allocated a set number of free logins for each of the first three events. Unused allocated logins will be reallocated one week before each event. A code is required to register. University Librarians have been provided with the registration code.


  • Single login - 1 event: $70
  • 20 logins - 1 event: $490

Prices include GST.

2022 Events

CAUL Member institutions

  • 20 logins - 1 event: $295
  • 40 logins - 1 event: $385
  • 60 logins - 1 event: $570

Prices include GST.


  • Single login - 1 event: $85
  • 20 logins - 1 event: $490

Prices include GST.

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Last modified 12 July 2022