Leadership Songlines: embedding Aboriginal Knowledge in your leadership style

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Leadership Songlines: embedding Aboriginal Knowledge in your leadership style. With Mundanara Bayles. 23 November 2021 at 2pm AEDT

How do you lead and work with cultural sensitivity and awareness? Are you able to recognise your own areas of unconscious bias and effectively work with diverse teams? Mundanara Bayles will share her own leadership journey as a successful Indigenous businesswoman and introduce us to the concept of “Leadership Songlines”.  Aboriginal culture can offer us a different way to think about leadership, decision-making and “soft hierarchies”, and this will be explored in a range of ways throughout this session.  Learn about the Aboriginal Terms of Reference and how these offer an alternative way to think about your role and identity, personally and professionally, and how this process can provide different opportunities for connection, recognition and respect.

With Mundanara Bayles

Mundanara is the Managing Director and co-founder of BlackCard Pty Ltd, which is a 100% Aboriginal owned business, certified with Supply Nation. BlackCard is a specialist consultancy providing cultural capability training and consultancy services to enable people and organisations to work effectively with members of the Aboriginal community. BlackCard’s purpose is working with people, not for people, with the genius of Aboriginal Knowledge. Mundanara’s work is agile, partnership-based, and crosses multiple organisational borders. She brings people along with her through her inclusive and collaborative approach.

Part of the Learning from Bold Minds in Leadership series

Learning from Bold Minds in Leadership is a leadership development opportunity for staff at all levels. 

In times of change, uncertainty and complexity, strong leadership is critical - at all levels of the organisation. The Learning from Bold Minds in Leadership series has been designed to inspire and challenge you to be a bold and courageous leader, regardless of whether you hold a designated leadership role.

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A recording and workbook (including slides) are available to registered participants and was distributed via email after the event.

If you are a staff member at a CAUL Member institution or you paid to attend this event, please contact CAUL National Office (caul@caul.edu.au) for the link to the recording and the workbook.

Resources posted in the chat during the event:

Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages

Map of Indigenous Australia


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