Support for open access infrastructure and related open services

Services supported through the CAUL Consortium:


As an organisational member of the Globably Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services, CAUL has a consortium arrangement in place for SCOSS. This coalition of influential organisations is committed to helping secure OA and OS infrastructure well into the future.  Members wishing to make contributions to SCOSS-financed projects should contact the Content Coordinator at their institution, to arrange a contribution facilitated by CAUL.

Services which CAUL Member Institutions may wish to support directly:


AustLII is the fundamental legal information resource that all law academics and students rely upon daily. It is vital to legal research and it  
underpins teaching.  Beyond the discipline of law, AustLII is used extensively by many other university disciplines where knowledge of the legal system and associated regulatory framework is necessary.  

The core AustLII service contains an integrated collection of over 920 databases of primary and secondary legal materials (including cases, legislation, treaties, journal articles and law reform documents) which supports distinctive features such as noteup of legislation and case law together with access to the international LawCite citator.   

AustLII has been operating for over 27 years and in 2021 served over 261 million page access requests per year (about 715,000 per day) from over 6.8 million distinct hosts. This online library of public legal information is provided through the AustLII Foundation Limited, a public company limited by guarantee with charitable Deductible Gift Recipient tax status.


DOAJ is a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals. Institutions wishing to make contributions to DOAJ should contact DOAJ directly.

DOAJ (founded in 2003) DOAJ is a community-curated online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals. DOAJ is the most diverse and inclusive service for open access journals. Journals are published in more then 130 countries and accepts papers in more than 80 languages. All services provided by DOAJ are free of change (including the indexation of journals). DOAJ data is incorporated in the most important indexes and discovery services.

DOAJ is completely dependent on funding from the community. All supporting institutions are listed on our supporters page, can use DOAJ and our logo in their marketing activities are eligible for nomination/voting to our governance structure. Annual Basic contribution rate for large/small institutions is €825/413, Sustaining contribution is €3,300/1,650. Signing up for a three year commitment gives a 15% discount. Contact Joanna Ball (


SciPost is a complete scientific publication portal managed by the SciPost Foundation. It is purely online-based, and offers freely, openly, globally and perpetually accessible science. Being managed by professional scientists, and making use of editor-solicited and contributed reviews, its Journals aim at the highest achievable standards of refereeing. Institutions wishing to make contributions to Scipost should contact Scipost directly.

Author Cicy Zheng
Last modified 24 May 2022