CAUL FTE Data and Bands

This information about CAUL FTE data and bands including weighted FTEs and FTEs for disciplines is available to both Content Coordinators and Consortium Vendors. The total FTE figures include domestic students, overseas students onshore and overseas students offshore. All students counted in the FTE figures should be authorised users of subscribed scholarly content for licence purposes, regardless of where they are located or from where they access the content.

  • Official FTE figures are sourced annually from the Australian Government Department of Education and the New Zealand Ministry of Education.
  • The official figures for the previous calendar year are usually only available towards the end of each year and hence the figures used for an upcoming subscription year are always two years old. For example: the 2021 FTEs are the most recent official FTE figures that will be used for negotiations and pricing during 2023, for the upcoming 2024 subscription year.
  • The latest FTEs are updated for all CAUL Consortium Member institutions by 28 February of the current year in ConsortiaManager, on the CAUL website and in the FTE Bands
  • The CAUL Basic FTE Bands are based on the total FTE for each institution
  • The CAUL Weighted FTE Bands are calculated at 10:3:1 for research,  post-graduate and undergraduate degree FTEs, then taken as a percentage of the whole (47 universities). This provides for two possible band sets based on 5 or 7 bands.
  • FTEs at the narrow discipline, broad discipline or course level are provided to inform pricing models for discipline-specific content. This data is available for Australian universities and New Zealand universities.

When determining pricing and using FTEs, all Consortium Vendors are obliged to use the CAUL Bands (not their own bands) and adhere to the CAUL Consortium’s Principles & Framework for Pricing Digital Content

Author Cicy Zheng
Last modified 17 May 2023