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Digital Dexterity Engagement & Advocacy Anonymous 17/03/2020
Digital Dexterity Framework Anonymous 17/03/2020
Review of Repository Infrastructure Anonymous 16/03/2020
Digital Dexterity Capacity Building Anonymous 17/03/2020
MIT Press Direct to Open Update Meeting Alisha Ashley 31/05/2022
Cambridge University Press and CAUL strike major uncapped transformative Open Access agreement in Australia & New Zealand Alisha Ashley 14/10/2021
De Gruyter and CAUL announce new Read & Publish agreement for 2022 Alisha Ashley 18/11/2021
Project MUSE Update Meeting Alisha Ashley 10/05/2022
Renewal Offers for 2023 Subscription Year Alisha Ashley 28/09/2022
CAUL and CSIRO Publishing collaborate to enable Open Access in Australia and New Zealand Alisha Ashley 04/03/2021
CAUL and AOASG welcome NHMRC's consultation on proposed revisions to Open Access Policy Alisha Ashley 16/04/2021
Open Athens Q&A session Alisha Ashley 13/04/2022
Euromonitor Webinar Alisha Ashley 08/06/2022
CAUL Response to the 2021 National Student Safety Survey Report Alisha Ashley 23/03/2022
Test iframe Angus Gordon 06/12/2017
Demo page for theming Angus Gordon 06/12/2017
Taxonomy Angus Gordon 24/04/2018
test video filter Angus Gordon 06/12/2017
Open and FAIR dissemination of research: towards a national approach Cicy Zheng 02/09/2020
Transformative Agreements Implementation CoP 2023/9 Cicy Zheng 23/12/2022
OER Collective Library Staff Community of Practice 2022/1 Cicy Zheng 13/05/2022
Deputy University Librarians Network Cicy Zheng 30/01/2023
Open Access Australasia and CAUL support for UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science Cicy Zheng 25/11/2021
Digital Dexterity Community of Practice 2023/1 Cicy Zheng 27/01/2023
OER Collective-Pressbooks Training 1-Getting started with Pressbooks Cicy Zheng 20/05/2022
The OpenAthens Implementation Experience & EBSCO webinar on OpenAthens Cicy Zheng 23/09/2022
OER Collective Library Staff CoP 2023/6 Cicy Zheng 08/11/2022
CAUL is hiring – Executive Director Cicy Zheng 25/07/2022
CAUL 2022 Board Meeting Dates - Date listing only Cicy Zheng 07/02/2022
ALIA Professional Pathways Update for CAUL Cicy Zheng 10/08/2022
Transformative Agreements Implementation CoP 2023/4 Cicy Zheng 23/12/2022
Nine more institutions to join The Company of Biologists’ Read & Publish Open Access agreement with the Council of Australian University Librarians in 2023 Cicy Zheng 14/12/2022
OER Collective Academic Authors Community of Practice 2022/2 Cicy Zheng 24/05/2022
Australian Open Science Network Meeting 2023/2 Cicy Zheng 30/01/2023
CAUL Statement on the Global Economic Crisis Cicy Zheng 10/07/2020
OER Collective Library Staff Community of Practice 2022/5 Cicy Zheng 08/11/2022
CAUL Digital Dexterity Position Statement Cicy Zheng 17/03/2020
CAUL Response to the Exposure Draft of the Copyright Amendment (Access Reform) Bill Cicy Zheng 24/02/2022
Digital Dexterity Community of Practice 2023/5 Cicy Zheng 27/01/2023
Transformative Agreements Implementation Community of Practice 2022/4 Cicy Zheng 04/07/2022
OER Collective Library Staff CoP 2023/1 Cicy Zheng 08/11/2022
CAUL Special General Meeting Cicy Zheng 06/07/2022
OER Collective Academic Authors CoP 2023/4 Cicy Zheng 08/11/2022
AIP Publishing Signs Three-Year Read & Publish Agreement with the CAUL Consortium Cicy Zheng 17/11/2022
OER Collective information session for library staff Cicy Zheng 16/02/2022
CAUL Virtual Event Series: Transition to Open - Follow up discussion Cicy Zheng 29/07/2020
Transformative Agreements Implementation CoP 2023/8 Cicy Zheng 23/12/2022
Combined OER Collective Community of Practice 2022/6 Cicy Zheng 09/12/2022
OER Collective Cicy Zheng 08/03/2022
IOP Welcome presentation for 2023 Cicy Zheng 17/01/2023