Value & Impact Community of Practice


The Library Value and Impact Community of Practice (CoP) was formed in 2017 to create a structure that allows library staff in university libraries to promote good practice and build common capability in planning, performance, evaluation, and measurement across a range of library activity. The challenges of this work include the development of assessment tools, methods, quality principles and guidelines, standards, and policies and procedures that reflect the essence of university libraries in Australia and New Zealand.

The objectives of the CoP are to

  • identify, gather, and seek agreement on community requirements
  • provide an informal point of contact for library staff on the specific benefit or interest area that affects value and impact
  • contribute collaboratively to building the capability of the wider library community in value and impact
  • identify linkages and opportunities for collaborative strategic and technical projects. 


Membership of the CoP is open to practitioners in CAUL Member institutions with a quality / standards / analytics / communications or marketing role and to people with an interest in developing their understanding of these topics.

How to join

To join the CoP, please email the Convenors.

Group operations


The CoP meets via Zoom every 6 weeks for an hour. Check the CAUL Events page for information on upcoming meetings.

Members volunteer to chair meetings, take notes and monitor chat. The chair is responsible for: 

  • Facilitating group discussion to ensure that communication is appropriate and respectful
  • Developing the agenda and/or objectives for the CoP meeting that they will chair
  • Sending out regular messages to all CoP members about the next meeting/activity.

Each year, members are surveyed to identify topics to cover in meetings. Members may elect to present on the topic or invite a guest to contribute. Some meetings are reserved for members to share what they are currently working on or for general discussion on points of interest.

Email list

The CoP email list is restricted to members of the CoP. Contact the Convenors to find out more about joining. 

Online space

Members use a Google Drive presence to share files, including meeting agendas, presentation files, and resources.


  • Joanna Logan, Quality and Planning Manager, Queensland University of Technology
  • Simon Hart, Policy Planning and Evaluation Librarian, University of Otago

Terms of reference

Download the CoP terms of reference.

Author Cicy Zheng
Last modified 14 February 2024