CAUL Achievement Award 2002-2019

From 2002 to 2019, the CAUL Achievement Award recognised outstanding contributions that supported the achievement of CAUL's strategic priorities. This award was discontinued in 2019 and replaced with the new CAUL Awards for Achievement & Innovation in 2020.

Nominees for the award were evaluated in terms of their demonstrated achievements contributing to one or more of the following CAUL goals: 

  1. Position university libraries as essential infrastructure for teaching, learning and research in their institutions.
  2. Advance open and equitable access to knowledge, information and data.
  3. Be a recognised authority on the purpose, value and impact of university libraries in higher education and research.
  4. Foster cooperative activity between university libraries in Australia and internationally for the benefit of their students, teachers and researchers.
  5. Represent the interests of its members to government, the community and other stakeholders;
  6. Promote members’ views and values in national and international discourse on relevant issues and public policy developments.
  7. Facilitate the sharing of best practice, information and innovation among its members.
  8. Foster leadership and professional growth of current and future leaders in university libraries.

Qualifying achievements needed to be demonstrated to have been influential beyond the nominee’s employing institution over a period of at least two years. Achievements solely at an institutional level were not eligible for consideration. The nature and quality of achievement had to be of a level far and above the normal requirements of the individual’s paid position, justifying special recognition. Nominees were expected to have displayed exceptional leadership and initiative, have undertaken advocacy at a high level and been able to demonstrate that their achievements led to change.

Eligibility for the CAUL Achievement Award 2002-2019

Individuals other than the University Librarian or equivalent employed at CAUL member libraries during the twelve months prior to the close of nominations. The Award primarily recognises personal achievement but more than one individual may be included in the nomination provided that the contribution of each and every nominee meets the criteria. Previous recipients are eligible for nomination, provided that the nomination is distinct from previous nominations and a period of at least five years has elapsed since the previous Award. 

Recipients of the CAUL Achievement Award 2002-2019

2019 There was no award in 2019

2018 There was no award in 2018

2017 There was no award in 2017

Dr Amberyn Thomas, Associate Director, Scholarly Communication and Repository Services, The University of Queensland. Nomination and Presentation given at CAUL 2017/1 on 9-10 March 2017.

Stephen Cramond, Manager, Institutional Repository, The University of Melbourne. Nomination and Presentation to CAUL 2016/1, 17 March, 2016.

Lyn Torres (Centre, Information Research Skills Manager) and Leanne McCann (Left, Learning Skills Manager), leaders of the Monash University Research and Learning Team. Nomination - with Heather Gordon (Right, CAUL President, 19 March 2015).

There was no award for 2013

Karen Tang, Associate Director Corporate Services, Curtin University. Nomination and Presentation to CAUL, March 2013

Tom Ruthven, Digital Library Innovation And Development Manager, University of New South Wales. Nomination and Presentation to CAUL, March 2012

Samantha (Sam) Searle, Data Management Coordinator, Monash University. Nomination and Presentation to CAUL, April 2011

2009 There was no award in 2009

Paula Callan, eResearch Access Coordinator, Queensland University of Technology. Nomination and Presentation to CAUL, April 2009

Ross Coleman, Director of Sydney eScholarship, The University of Sydney. Nomination and Presentation to CAUL, April 2008 

Jocelyn Priddey, Senior Manager, Information Resources, The University of Queensland. Nomination and Presentation to CAUL (See  item 779 of CAUL Meeting Minutes), May 2007

Michele Sabto, Manager, Monash University ePress. Nomination and Presentation to CAUL, September 2006

Judith Peacock, Information Literacy Coordinator, Queensland University of Technology. Nomination and Presentation to CAUL, April 2005

Peter Green, e-Library Development Librarian, Curtin University of Technology. Nomination and Presentation to CAUL, April 2004

Margie Jantti,  Quality and Marketing Manager, University of Wollongong. NominationPaper & Presentation to CAUL, April 2003

Author Harry Rolf
Last modified 2 November 2020