Research Support Community of Practice

Research Support Community of Practice

The Research Support Community of Practice closed in August 2023, and was replaced by the Australian Scholarly Communications Community of Practice, a joint initiative of Open Access Australasia, Creative Commons Australia, and CAUL. 

The Research Support Community of Practice communicated via the original CAIRSS email list: This list was open to practitioners outside universities. The primary function of CAIRSS (2009-2012) was to support institutional repository managers in the higher education sector in Australia & New Zealand. The commmunity of practice organised annual community events relating to research support.

Research Support Community Events

Previous CAIRSS Events

The CAIRSS Program was closed at the end of 2012.

CAIRSS 2012 Copyright Workshop, 3 August 2012, Melbourne. [Members only]

CAIRSS 2012 Community Day, 19-20 November, Griffith University Southbank Campus, Brisbane.

CAIRSS 2011 Copyright Workshop, 5 August 2011, Melbourne

CAIRSS 2011 Community Day. 4 November 2011, Melbourne

CAIRSS 2010 Copyright Workshops, 29 July, Perth and 17 August, Melbourne

CAIRSS 2010 Community Day,  23 November 2010, RMIT University City Campus, Melbourne

CAIRSS 2009 Community Day, 30 November - 1 December 2009, Sunshine Coast

History: Following discussions with the Department of Innovation (DIISR) the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) Executive, and the ARROW Management Committee, CAUL established the CAUL Australian Institutional Repository Support Service (CAIRSS), to provide support for all institutional repositories in Australian universities, regardless of the software being used. CAIRSS was initially funded by the residue of the ARROW funds plus the annual Australasian Digital Theses Program (ADT) contribution and the service commenced on March 16, 2009. In 2010, CAUL & CONZUL members agreed to continue its support through to the end of 2012 and the name was formally changed to "Australasian" in April, 2011 in recognition of CONZUL’s support. In September 2012, CAUL decided to normalise CAIRSS functions within the CAUL committee structure, and the program formally ceased at the end of 2012. Some of the functions and activities were then transferred to CRAC before the committee was disbanded.



2018 Committee Meeting Papers

File 2018/1 Committee Minutes (docx, 18.07 KB, last modified 13/07/2018)
File 2018/2 Committee Agenda (docx, 17.8 KB, last modified 13/07/2018)
File 2018/2 Committee Minutes (docx, 18.38 KB, last modified 13/07/2018)
File 2018/3 Committee Agenda (docx, 18.95 KB, last modified 13/07/2018)
File 2018/3 Committee Minutes (docx, 19.7 KB, last modified 13/07/2018)
File 2018/4 Committee Agenda (docx, 17.92 KB, last modified 13/07/2018)


Digital Respositories Coordinator at Victoria University
Manager – Digital Scholarship at Australian National University
Manager, Collections at Curtin University
Library Manager, (Research Publications and Data Services) at University of Western Australia


15 July 2019

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) are called for presentations at the 2019 CAUL Research Repositories Community Days. EOIs are due by Close of Business Friday August 9th 2019.

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Last modified 23 August 2023