Research Repositories Community Days 2019 Program

Topics CAUL Business, Repositories

Day 1 Monday 28 October




9:00 AM


Harry Rolf + Committee

9:15 AM

DX Lab: design thinking + experiments

The DX Lab is the State Library of NSW's innovation lab that builds and supports new ways of design thinking, experimentation and research with existing and emerging technologies. 

It is a place where innovation and collaboration are explored using the Library's collection and data to deliver them in new ways, either online or onsite. 

Paula Bray (DXLab)

10:00 AM

Morning tea


10:30 AM

Session 1 Presentations

Maude Frances (UNSW)





Curtin Open Knowledge Institute

Karl Huang (Curtin University)


That was then, this is now, what's next?

Danny Kingsley (Consultant)


ORCID + Repositories: Directions from the Repository Task Force 2019

Richard de Grijis (ORCID Board Member, Macquarie University)

11:30 AM

Session 1 Lightning Talks



Research Management Solution (RMS) Project at Western Sydney University

Katrina Trewin (Western Sydney University)


Research Data Curation Services and Researcher Support

Thomas Reeson (Griffith University)


Present and Future State of UNSW’s Research Data Management Services

Robin Burgess (University of New South Wales)


Data packaging – possible to do, but how and what for?

Ingrid Mason (AARNET)

11:50 AM



12:00 PM



1:00 PM

Session 2 Presentations

Mary-Anne Marrington (UQ)


RISEing tides: Strategic directions for RDM @ UWA

Abby Asomani (University of Western Australia)


Repository data in Trove: what’s changing?

Mel Hunt (Trove)


Shared infrastructure – tenanted solutions for European repositories enabling research

Ingrid Mason (AARNET)


Pure and simple

Yasmine Shaheem, Peter Mason, Liz Hall (Flinders University)

2:00 PM

Session 2 Workshop



Repository 2040

Liz Stokes & Matthias Liffers (ARDC)

3:00 PM

Afternoon tea          


3:30 PM

Session 3 Lightning Talks

Allison Brown (UNE)


Open Access Outreach and Advocacy

Amanda Curnow (Massey University)



Katrina Dewis & Elizabeth Seymour (University of Tasmania)


Small data solutions

Yasmine Shaheem, Peter Mason, Liz Hall (Flinders University)


UniSA Research Repository – a Metadata Hub for Research Outcomes

Daniela Nastasie (University of South Australia)

3:50 PM



4:00 PM

Session 3 Panel Session



Hosted and managed OA journal services – time for a review?

Panel members:

Moderator: Susan Boulton - Griffith University

4:45 PM

Close day 1


5:00 PM

Social function



Day 2 Monday 29th October



Name of Chair

9:15 AM

CAUL Collection and Reporting of Article Processing Charges (APCs)

This session will report on the results of a CAUL project that has investigated methods for the collection and reporting of APCs. Results have been published in a paper presented at the 40th IATUL Conference held in June 2019.

Susan Lafferty (Australian Catholic University)


CAUL Review of Research Repositories and next steps. (Plan S Compliance Report)

Martin Borchert (University of New South Wales)

10:00 AM

Morning tea


10:30 AM

Session 4 Lightning Talks

Elizabeth Seymour (UTAS)


Reporting and Research Online@Avondale

Alicia Starr (Avondale College)


VURR - 2019 highlights

Julie Gardner (Victoria University)


Working together to improve access to LEaRN Publications

Jenny McKnight (University of Melbourne)


Victorian Marine Tapes Preservation Project

Michelle Watson (Deakin University)

10:55 AM



11:10 AM

Session 4 Workshop



Using data mining techniques to enhance repository collections

Allison Brown (University of New England)

12:00 PM



1:00 PM

Session 5 Lightning Talks

Julie Clift (Curtin)


Counting on COUNTER: standards-based usage metrics with IRUS-ANZ

Louise Dick (CAVAL)


University of Auckland, Te Tumu Herenga | LLS: Research Services

Jennifer Graham (University of Auckland)


Breaking the rod you've made for your own back

Leonie Sherwin (University of Southern Queensland)

1:15 PM



1:20 PM

Session 5: Presentations



Improving the Pure Repository workflow

Amanda Shepherd, Phillipa Barlow (Charles Sturt University)


Can download stats tell us ‘where to from here’? (Transcript)

Tanya Holm (University of New South Wales)


Comprehensive capture of creative works: The University of Queensland Non-Traditional Research Output (NTRO) Project

Mary-Anne Marrington (University of Queensland)


Lessons and challenges from the GRO integration with Repository Tools 2

Susan Boulton (Griffith University)

2:20 PM

Closing remarks

Harry Rolf & Committee

2:30 PM

Close day 2

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Last modified 13 November 2019