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Years in Review Larissa Denham 28/04/2021
WSU Library to launch the Dharawal Pharmacopeia collection Larissa Denham 23/06/2021
Webinar: Email archives with Peter Chan Harry Rolf 30/01/2020
Virtual Workshop: Enabling a Modern Curriculum Larissa Denham 08/10/2020
Virtual Workshop: Building a Sustainable New Reality Larissa Denham 22/10/2020
VALA 2018 'Libraries, Technology & the Future' Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
Universities Australia Higher Education Conference 2018 'Future Fundamentals' Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
ULANZ Privacy Statement Harry Rolf 14/06/2018
ULANZ Borrowing Scheme Harry Rolf 07/10/2020
UKSG 2018 Annual Conference & Exhibition Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Transformative Agreements Implementation Community of Practice Kate Davis 14/01/2022
THETA 2019 (The Higher Education Technology Agenda) Harry Rolf 29/11/2018
The Western Australian University Libraries (WAUL) Larissa Denham 09/09/2021
The New CWTS Ranking for Open Access Harry Rolf 22/05/2019
The Leader Within - Create the culture that you want to be a part of Cicy Zheng 11/01/2022
The Digital Economy: Opening Up The Conversation Harry Rolf 10/01/2019
The case for SCOSS: Creating a secure & sustainable OA & OS infrastructure Cicy Zheng 24/04/2020
test video filter Angus Gordon 06/12/2017
Test iframe Angus Gordon 06/12/2017
Test event for registrations Harry Rolf 20/12/2017
Terms and conditions Harry Rolf 07/11/2017
Taxonomy Angus Gordon 24/04/2018
Surveys Harry Rolf 14/05/2021
Supporting Open Data: CAUL - ARDC Partnership Larissa Denham 26/11/2020
Strategy Harry Rolf 18/05/2021
Statistics Services Harry Rolf 10/01/2022
Statistics Forum 2018 Feona Abercrombie 03/09/2018
Statistics Community Mark Sutherland 14/12/2020
Statement on Open Scholarship Review Harry Rolf 16/03/2020
Statement on Open Scholarship Harry Rolf 22/05/2020
Springer Nature and CAUL announce significant new transformative agreement for ANZ region Cicy Zheng 27/10/2021
Sharing of library re-opening planning during COVID-19 Harry Rolf 10/06/2020
Share it - Resource Sharing Futures Conference 2018 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Services & Programs Harry Rolf 02/04/2020
SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online) 20 Years Conference Feona Abercrombie 22/02/2018
Review of Repository Infrastructure Anonymous 16/03/2020
Review of Code of Conduct for Copyright Collecting Societies Harry Rolf 01/12/2017
Review of Code of Conduct for Copyright Collecting Societies Harry Rolf 24/11/2017
Response to the review of the Higher Education Provider Category Standards Harry Rolf 20/03/2019
Response to the proposed merger of Cengage and McGraw-Hill Harry Rolf 27/11/2019
Response to the Future Humanities Workforce Harry Rolf 06/06/2019
Response to the Data Sharing and Release Legislation issues paper Harry Rolf 10/09/2018
Response to Standards Australia's new model Harry Rolf 27/11/2019
Respecting Indigenous Knowledge Kate Davis 01/11/2021
Respect Now Always Media Release Harry Rolf 17/11/2017
Researcher to Reader Conference Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
Research Support Community of Practice Harry Rolf 16/12/2021
Research Repositories Community Days 2019 Program Cicy Zheng 13/11/2019
Research Repositories Community Days 2019 call for presentations Harry Rolf 22/07/2019
Research Repositories Community Days 2018 call for expressions of interest [Extended] Harry Rolf 18/07/2018