Virtual Workshop: Enabling a Modern Curriculum

Tuesday, 29 September 2020
Learning and Teaching

Fiona Salisbury, Director of CAUL’s Enabling a Modern Curriculum program, will facilitate a workshop-style event with three expert speakers on the topic and breakout rooms to obtain input from CAUL members. The aim of the workshop is to inform the direction of the new CAUL program that will build on the earlier Digital Dexterity program and complement CAUL’s other strategic programs.

With the current focus on online learning as a result of the disruption brought about by COVID-19, what does the modern curriculum mean for libraries and how can libraries enable the curriculum? There are many possibilities and this workshop brings together speakers who will stimulate, provoke and inspire our thinking through a number of lenses, including the following:

  • Enabling students as partners in the modern curriculum
  • Enabling collections and content in the modern curriculum: reading lists, OERs, open textbooks, cultural objects and more
  • Enabling digital dexterity in the modern curriculum
  • Enabling a modern curriculum to support student wellbeing

Enabling a Modern Curriculum is one of four strategic themes for CAUL for 2020-2022. As the role of education in society is challenged and redefined by changes in the global economy, the new nature of work as well as rapid technological advances, enabling a modern curriculum is essential. A modern curriculum is defined by lifelong learning, student success, digital dexterity, career readiness and new learning paradigms. University libraries are well placed to build national partnerships for innovation and to work with academics to lead the transformation of learning and teaching at their institutions.

A modern curriculum can be enabled by re-imagining skill development, services, spaces and resources. Innovation can be driven through the collective development of sustainable, affordable and collective approaches to the provision of learning and information resources. By focusing on how libraries might enable a modern curriculum CAUL is prioritising the needs of library clients and promoting the success and career readiness of current and future university students and graduates

Workshop speakers include:

Participants will be able to post questions ahead of and during the webinar using the or visit and use the event code: 11757 from 23 – 29 Sep 2020.


This event is now closed.

Webinar Recording:

Enabling a Modern Curriculum


Author Larissa Denham
Last modified 8 October 2020