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Joint CAUL-AOASG Election Statement Harry Rolf 10/05/2019
IOP Welcome presentation for 2023 Cicy Zheng 17/01/2023
Introducing the 2018 CAUL Website Harry Rolf 14/08/2018
Introducing CAUL inc Harry Rolf 12/10/2020
International Travelling Fellowship 2010 - 2013 Harry Rolf 14/06/2018
International Perspectives: Developing a National Strategy for Open Research Kate Davis 04/08/2021
International Digital Curation Conference 2018 'Beyond FAIR - from principles to practice to global join up' Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
Inquiry into the use of generative artificial intelligence in the Australian education system Grace Daw 25/09/2023
Inquiry into the Higher Education Support Legislation Amendment Harry Rolf 01/12/2017
Inquiry into Funding Australia's Research Harry Rolf 26/11/2018
INORMS 2018 'Global Pathways to Professional Recognition' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Informit Update Cicy Zheng 29/03/2023
Informit Update Cicy Zheng 03/05/2023
Indigenous Knowledges Symposium Kate Davis 20/07/2021
IFLA World Library and Information Congress 'Transform Libraries, Transform Societies' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
IFLA Satellite Meeting 'The evolving concept of “libraries” and the impact of building design' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
IATUL Conference 2018 'Libraries for the Future - from Inspiring Spaces to Open Science' Feona Abercrombie 18/01/2018
IARLA releases a response to Plan S Harry Rolf 29/11/2019
Higher Education Standards Panel’s (HESP's) Discussion Paper on Improving Completion, Retention and Success in Higher Education Harry Rolf 01/12/2017
Grants awarded to develop no-cost textbooks for uni students Cicy Zheng 12/07/2022
Grant boost for no-cost uni textbooks Cicy Zheng 26/04/2023
Governance Harry Rolf 23/03/2023
GLAMSLAM 2018 'A day for those working in and with Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
GeoScienceWorld Webinar Cicy Zheng 22/07/2022
Future Proof: Protecting Australians Through Education and Skills Harry Rolf 15/06/2018
From metadata to discovery: Ex Libris presentation on working with publisher metadata Cicy Zheng 25/04/2023
FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
For Consortium Vendors Mark Sutherland 23/05/2024
First transformative agreement for Australia and New Zealand Harry Rolf 17/10/2019
Finance Risk and Audit Committee Diane Costello 03/04/2024
FAIR Affordable and Open Access to Knowledge 2017-2019 Kate Davis 04/06/2023
Extending the Safe Harbour copyright scheme in Australia Harry Rolf 04/07/2018
Euromonitor Webinar Alisha Ashley 08/06/2022
eResearch NZ Conference 'The eResearch Outlook: Impact, Sustainability and Excellence' Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
eResearch Australasia Conference 2018 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Engagement Harry Rolf 07/01/2019
Elsevier and CAUL sign agreement to support transition to open access publishing alongside continued research access for Australia and New Zealand researchers Cicy Zheng 21/11/2022
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2020 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2019 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2018 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Dr Robert O’Connor appointed as Executive Director of CAUL Harry Rolf 26/11/2018
DOAJ Webinar Cicy Zheng 14/07/2022
DOAJ and DOAB Webinar Grace Daw 07/12/2023
Discovering more about CAUL Cicy Zheng 26/02/2022
Digital Dexterity Framework Anonymous 17/03/2020
Digital Dexterity Engagement & Advocacy Anonymous 17/03/2020
Digital Dexterity Community of Practice 2024/9 Grace Daw 06/12/2023
Digital Dexterity Community of Practice 2024/8 Grace Daw 06/12/2023
Digital Dexterity Community of Practice 2024/7 Grace Daw 06/12/2023
Digital Dexterity Community of Practice 2024/6 Grace Daw 06/12/2023