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Strategy Harry Rolf 21/03/2024
Newsletter Harry Rolf 27/03/2024
CAUL Strategic Leadership: Advocating for Influence, Agency and Impact Grace Daw 28/03/2024
Finance Risk and Audit Committee Diane Costello 03/04/2024
National Office Cicy Zheng 03/04/2024
OER Collective Community Day 2024/2 Grace Daw 10/04/2024
Library User Experience Community of Practice Grace Daw 12/04/2024
CAUL and John Benjamins Publishing Company new Open Access Agreement Grace Daw 16/04/2024
OER Collective 2024/4 Grace Daw 18/04/2024
CAUL Awards Larissa Denham 18/04/2024
OER Collective Library Staff Community of Practice 2022/5 Cicy Zheng 22/04/2024
Publicly Accessible Documents and Reports Harry Rolf 23/04/2024
OER Collective CoP 2024/3 Grace Daw 30/04/2024
OER Collective CoP 2024/5 Grace Daw 30/04/2024
OER Collective CoP 2024/8 Grace Daw 08/05/2024
CAUL - Elsevier Futures Forum - Brisbane Mark Sutherland 09/05/2024
CAUL Statement on Freedom to Read Katya Henry 09/05/2024
Open Educational Resources Professional Development Program 2023 Grace Daw 14/05/2024
CAUL - Elsevier Futures Forum - Sydney Mark Sutherland 14/05/2024
OER Collective 2024 Grants Announced Katya Henry 17/05/2024
Statistics Services Harry Rolf 20/05/2024
A Conversation with Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Cathy Foley, on Australia's open access future Grace Daw 20/05/2024
CAUL Vendor Exhibition Days 2024 Grace Daw 20/05/2024
CAUL FTE Data and Bands Arthur Smith 20/05/2024
Content Procurement Services Harry Rolf 21/05/2024
CAUL is hiring - Coordinator, Operations and Engagement Mark Sutherland 21/05/2024
Agreement Offers for 2025 Subscription Year Arthur Smith 23/05/2024
For Consortium Vendors Mark Sutherland 23/05/2024
OERC Grant Induction Session for 2024 Recipients Grace Daw 23/05/2024