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Oxford University Press and CAUL announce publishing collaboration for university libraries in Australia and New Zealand Cicy Zheng 25/10/2021
Informit Update Cicy Zheng 29/03/2023
Discovering more about CAUL Cicy Zheng 26/02/2022
Australian Open Science Network Meeting 2023/2 Cicy Zheng 30/01/2023
OER Collective Cicy Zheng 08/03/2022
CLOCKSS Update Cicy Zheng 21/07/2022
CAUL to Pilot Subscribe to Open with Annual Reviews Cicy Zheng 16/06/2022
OER Collective Library Staff CoP 2023/3 Cicy Zheng 22/06/2023
CAUL is hiring – Director, Strategy & Analytics (maternity cover) and Engagement & Administration Officer (maternity cover) Cicy Zheng 24/03/2023
OER Collective Academic Authors Community of Practice 2022/5 Cicy Zheng 11/10/2022
CAUL Statement on the Global Economic Crisis Cicy Zheng 10/07/2020
Digital Dexterity Community of Practice 2023/5 Cicy Zheng 27/01/2023
2020 Virtual Event Series – Transition to Open Cicy Zheng 21/10/2020
CAUL Council 2023/1 Day 2 - Session for All Cicy Zheng 21/03/2023
Are you Leading your Business or managing your BUSYness Cicy Zheng 20/05/2022
Value & Impact Community of Practice 2023/7 Cicy Zheng 09/02/2023
Finance Risk and Audit Committee Diane Costello 21/06/2024
INORMS 2018 'Global Pathways to Professional Recognition' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
IATUL Conference 2018 'Libraries for the Future - from Inspiring Spaces to Open Science' Feona Abercrombie 18/01/2018
ARMS18 'Research Futures: Thinking long term in a world of short attention spans' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
CAUL Leadership Institute 2018 Feona Abercrombie 11/09/2018
ALA Annual Conference 2021 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
VALA 2018 'Libraries, Technology & the Future' Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
Share it - Resource Sharing Futures Conference 2018 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
ALA Midwinter Meeting 2027 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
LIBER 2018 'Research Libraries as an Open Science Hub: from Strategy to Action' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
ALIA Information Online Conference 2019 'Infinite Possibilities' Feona Abercrombie 19/02/2018
ALA Midwinter Meeting 2019 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
APE Conference 2018 'Publishing 2020: Ramping up Relevance' Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
ALA Annual Conference 2023 Feona Abercrombie 16/01/2018
GLAMSLAM 2018 'A day for those working in and with Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
OPERAS Conference: 'Open Scholarly Communication in Europe. Addressing the Coordination Problem' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2020 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
IFLA World Library and Information Congress 'Transform Libraries, Transform Societies' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
ALA Midwinter Meeting 2021 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
eResearch NZ Conference 'The eResearch Outlook: Impact, Sustainability and Excellence' Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
LIBER LAG 2018 'The Context for Library Planning: The Next Phase' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
ALA Annual Conference 2026 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
ALA Annual Conference 2018 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Open Education Global Conference 2018 'Transforming education through open approaches' Feona Abercrombie 19/02/2018
Library Assessment Conference 2018 'Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Statistics Forum 2018 Feona Abercrombie 03/09/2018
ALA Midwinter Meeting 2023 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
Universities Australia Higher Education Conference 2018 'Future Fundamentals' Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
QQML2018 Conference Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2019 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
IFLA Satellite Meeting 'The evolving concept of “libraries” and the impact of building design' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
ALA Annual Conference 2020 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
ADA Copyright 2018 Forum 'Flexible and Adaptable: the Future of Copyright' Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
CARL 2018: The Academic Library in Times of Change Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018