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Content Procurement Services Harry Rolf 21/05/2024
Procurement Committee Mark Sutherland 25/01/2024
Advancing Open Scholarship (FAIR) Harry Rolf 23/11/2023
Support for Open, CARE and FAIR Non-Traditional Research Outputs (NTROs) Grace Daw 25/10/2023
International Perspectives: Developing a National Strategy for Open Research Kate Davis 04/08/2021
Developing an Overarching National Strategy for Open Research in Australia Larissa Denham 03/08/2021
Collection & Reporting of APCs Harry Rolf 16/03/2020
CAUL Research Repositories Community Event 2019 Cicy Zheng 11/11/2019
The New CWTS Ranking for Open Access Harry Rolf 22/05/2019
Joint CAUL-AOASG Election Statement Harry Rolf 10/05/2019
About Plan S Harry Rolf 21/02/2019
Joint statement by CAUL/AOASG on Plan S Harry Rolf 11/02/2019
Community Event (CAUL Research Repositories) 2018 Harry Rolf 15/01/2019
July update - CAUL's Fair, affordable & open access to knowledge Program Harry Rolf 01/08/2018
ALA Annual Conference 2018 Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
IFLA World Library and Information Congress 'Transform Libraries, Transform Societies' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
OPERAS Conference: 'Open Scholarly Communication in Europe. Addressing the Coordination Problem' Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
UKSG 2018 Annual Conference & Exhibition Feona Abercrombie 08/01/2018
CAUL and Taylor & Francis reach landmark agreement Harry Rolf 05/01/2018
Universities Australia Higher Education Conference 2018 'Future Fundamentals' Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
Researcher to Reader Conference Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018
VALA 2018 'Libraries, Technology & the Future' Feona Abercrombie 05/01/2018