For Consortium Vendors

Getting Started

If you are a publisher or content vendor who is interested in working with the CAUL Consortium, please read through the following information. Once you have done this you may contact the CAUL Office via email with any questions, or request an invitation to provide an offer for the upcoming subscription year.

Discipline-specific FTEs & sample pricing models

When the Australian Department of Education publishes its official numbers each year, the institutional FTEs are updated for each of our CAUL Consortium Member institutions.  An additional report is commissioned that provides those same FTEs broken down by "narrow discipline" and "broad discipline" as well as by course level (undergraduate, post-graduate by coursework and higher degree or postgraduate by research.) This latter document is available here.  To see earlier, or later, editions of the spreadsheet, just change the year in the URL.

Also available is an example of our many approaches to transparent tiered pricing models, using weighted FTEs and 5 or 7 tiers. These are calculated at 10:3:1 for research,  post-graduate & undergraduate degree FTEs, then taken as a percentage of the whole (47 universities).

Consortia Manager

ConsortiaManager is a procurement workflow application with all consortial procurement data stored in one place. The CAUL Consortium has been using ConsortiaManager since the start of the 2018 subscription year.

All publisher information previously located on the CAUL Website is now updated within ConsortiaManager. Access to ConsortiaManager is limited to Consortium Members only.

NEW publishers who haven't dealt with the CAUL Consortium before will be able to download a ConsortiaManager pricing template spreadsheet with the most recent (2018) FTEs as soon as the invitation for 2021 offers has been sent out.

Please see here for the CAUL Consortium Selected Licence Terms Form for ConsortiaManager.

Contact Details

CAUL Consortium Members are gouped in three categories: the Australian (CAUL) and New Zealand (CONZUL) universities as well as Other Members that are external participants, from other higher education and research institutions and government departments in Australia and New Zealand. Wherever possible, all interested Consortium Members are included in CAUL-negotiated agreements with publishers and other suppliers. In some cases, non-academic institutions may be excluded or offered different terms.

You can find up to date contact details for CAUL Consortium Members here: (each entry also includes current FTE & IP ranges)

Author Mark Sutherland
Last modified 20 February 2020