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A number of presentations were given about CAUL's programs and projects at the 2019 IATUL conference. This post provides information about those presentations.


At a pre-Conference Seminar for the IATUL 2019 Conference, Catherine Clark presented an overview of CAUL projects that have been developed under the FAIR Program.  The pre-Conference Seminar was an invitation only event for 40 participants from around the world with representation from Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and Australasia. 

Catherine’s presentation was entitled ‘Making an Impact: Approaches to Research Support in Australia and New Zealand: National initiatives’. 

The presentation started with some brief background about Australian and New Zealand universities and information about the vision and objectives of CAUL.  Objectives and outcomes for each of the FAIR projects were then presented.  Following the presentation, a panel discussion was facilitated by Catherine with panel members Howard Amos, Martin Borchert and Gwenda Thomas.  Panellists addressed questions about how their university libraries support researchers and research strategy.

Slides available (pdf, 18/7/19) 

CAUL Review of Australian Repository Infrastructure Project

Martin Borchert, University Librarian at the UNSW and Chair of the AOASG presented the findings and outcomes from the CAUL Review of Australian Repository Infrastructure project at IATUL 2019. The presentation covered work completed across the projects seven work packages and projects the recommendations. The project report was presented in lieu of a conference paper (abstract available on the IATUL website).

Questions and comments received from the audience indicated that the same issues are being experienced by institutions around the world – interoperability, digital user experience, support for Plan S and open access / open science generally in providing fair access to knowledge. The next steps for those who choose to, are to assess the ideal state scenarios at our institutions and consider what our priorities might be.

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