CAUL Libraries Transforming Lives - mapping the UN SDGs

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The modern world demands language,  numeracy and information/digital literacy skills as basic, fundamental life skills.

At the 40th IATUL Conference Margie Jantti, Chair of CAUL presented CAUL's contribution towards advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the capturing and sharing of cases that underscore the role and value of university libraries in promoting prosperity, wellbeing and growth.

The session showcased how CAUL members are committed to enabling access to quality knowledge for students and staff, and what is often less visible, the access we offer to communities at large, for example how institutional repositories enable global, borderless and free access to research whether it be through theses, journal papers or other manuscripts. CAUL’s collaboration and partnerships were brought to the fore noting our contributions for capacity and capability building across GLAM and public libraries for digital transformation of often special and unique collections. The session enabled a rallying call for all university library associations to advocate, lobby and negotiate  for the preservation of fundamental values and principles of open, fair and inclusivity to ensure that knowledge is preserved for today and for the future and for the many.

Read more about CAUL's 2019 SDG report via this URL. The slides from this presentation will be made available on the IATUL 2019 website.


Author Harry Rolf
Last modified 4 July 2019