Library Collections Analysis Community of Practice


The purpose of the Library Collections Analysis Community of Practice is to provide a forum for its members to share data analysis strategies and best practice in evaluating the performance of library collections. The Collection Analysis Community of Practice will also support professional development in data analytics and data visualisation specific to library collection evaluation. 

The Community of Practice provides a forum for:

  • Exchange of ideas
  • Information sharing
  • Peer support
  • Exploration of issues
  • Collaborative decision-making to address data inconsistencies
  • Discussion of recent developments and practices
  • Consensus building in the development of best practice in collection performance evaluation
  • Upskilling technical knowledge for data analysis and visualisation
  • Community-led training or professional development


Membership is open to staff of CAUL Member institutions.

How to join

To join the Community of Practice, please sign up for the mailing list.

Group operations


In 2024, the group meets bi-monthly on the third Tuesday of every second month at 1pm AEST (AEDT during daylight saving).
Meetings are listed on the CAUL Events directory.

Email list

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  • Director, Strategy & Analytics
  • Nicole Clark, Service Director, Professional Learning Service


Download the Charter for the Community of Practice.


Director, Strategy & Analytics at CAUL
Author Kate Davis
Last modified 16 January 2024