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ConsortiaManager is an application for storing data in one place and enables its users to estimate the value of each journal subscription. From August, 2017 (the beginning of the 2018 renewals season) CAUL/CEIRC commenced using ConsortiaManager to process its publisher/vendor offers and renewals.

Update from Diane Costello (via email, 24/8/17):

As foreshadowed at the meeting of Datasets Coordinators in February, we are implementing ConsortiaManager.  Here is the message included in yesterday’s fortnightly CAUL Newsletter:

CAUL has signed a 3-year contract with ConsortiaManager, a third-party application specifically designed for consortium management.  The company is based in Denmark, has been around for a couple of years and is now taking off – with about 2 dozen consortia on its books.

CAUL has chosen to implement the basic system in the first instance, with two add-on modules for cost-avoidance reports (difference between list price and what you pay) and licence management (the absence or not of key clauses in product licences.)

Data ingestion has been underway since late June 2017, mostly from our MYOB finance application, but also from CAUL website contacts.  Additional data is being collated from those vendors and publishers who handle their own invoicing.  Our aim is to have all 2016 and 2017 subscriptions loaded before beginning the 2018 renewals. This is happening now, and will continue throughout this renewals season.

The live site is now available to the CAUL Office and the first of the 2018 renewals have been entered.  Publishing these to Datasets Coordinators will begin soon.  But first, CEIRC participants will be alerted to progress (foreshadowed at February’s meeting in Sydney), library administrators’ login details will be sent to all, and initial webinars will be scheduled to expose administrators to the system and the basic handling of offers and renewals.  It will be a learning process for all of us.

Key advantages for libraries will be:

  1. All institutional CAUL/CEIRC offers and subscriptions will be accessible in the one place (currently we can list institutional subscriptions only if CAUL is handling the invoicing - );
  2. Acceptance or rejection of offers/renewals will be done directly through ConsortiaManager rather than via email;
  3. Relevant data can be exported from ConsortiaManager for your local reporting – in particular, you will be able to see the cost avoidance (rather than savings) for each product and as a whole across your CAUL subscriptions;

Frequently Asked Questions

Adding/updating users & password management

Q. How many institutional users can I set up?
A.  You can set up any of your institutional staff as an administrator, as a user or as a view-only.  If you set them up as an administrator, they can set up users and change the Primary Contact.  If you set them up as a user, then they can process orders.  View-only staff can only view.  Please consider carefully how many people need “user” access as opposed to “view-only” access, and extra careful re the administrator access.

Q.  I have recently added another staff member as a view-only user.  For some reason, she is displayed as the Primary Contact for correspondence.
A.  It is possible for administrators to set any of your users to be the PC, but this will turn off PC status for the original PC i.e. only one person can be PC at a time. Your status has been reset to PC.

Q.  My institutional profile does not list our website, and it won’t let me add it.  How can I add the website link?
A.  Our intention to prevent changes to institutional names means that the other fields also cannot be changed.  We have decided to relax this limitation, which means that you can now edit the website and other details, but please do not edit the name of your institution.  If updating is required, please ask the CAUL office.  FTEs are still off limits.

Q.  When I am on leave, can I update my fill-in to be the Primary Contact?
A.  Yes, any institutional administrator can change the Primary Contact, but as soon as the other administrator's PC profile is saved, the original PC is no longer the PC.

Q. Why will only one person from an institution have access to this site given there are no doubt additional people at every institution who have as much interest in accessing this information? We would like to have at least 2 additional logins so that we can access the information anytime and not be reliant on when the one individual is available.
A. Access is not limited to one person per institution.  The initial login will be for the local institutional administrator, who will have the permissions to add users to the application.  The official Datasets Coordinator will be responsible for the security of these users.

Q. Due to our internal practices, we set a number of people up with User and View only accounts in CM.  We have now realised that they will receive all offer notifications as well as any renewal confirmations.  Is it at all possible to tweak the view only accounts so that these do not receive email notifications?
A. It’s going to be all or nothing – previously, emails went to everyone on the datasets list, so this is no real change, is it?

Q. Can access be set up via the Australian Access Federation (AAF) which would mean you don’t have to set up additional passwords?
A. Possibly, but not immediately.  We will investigate. (Diane Costello 29/8/17)

Ordering, renewals & reminders

Q. I want to renew our current AMA titles and add another one.  Should I send you a separate email or just do it through CM.
A. Place all your renewals and orders through CM.  The back-up check in place will be your invoice i.e. it will include all your orders.  If the option you want is not showing in CM, then do send us an email.

Q. I'm having difficulty ordering ASBMB.  When I press "order" it pops up a message "You cannot accept a subscription without selecting any products" and I can't go any further.
A. If an agreement includes more than one product, it will offer "subscription options" - click on this, select or deselect the products, then, from within this view, select "order".  If you exit "subscription options" without ordering, it cannot be done from the higher level view.

Q. For offers we have no interest in taking up (e.g. Charleston Advisor), is it a requirement to select ‘Dismiss’ from our CM subscriptions/offers list or can we just take no action (as we did previously)?
A. Ignore them, for now.  We will review when we are clear how this plays out in the finalising of each offer.

Q. With respect to "Subscription reminder" : what should be the procedure when receiving a system generated email of this sort particularly when we are waiting for more information or a response? Should we just keep waiting and ignore the email?
A. The reminders will generally be manually set at the time the offer is published, and will be generated 4 days before the response is due.  You can ignore it, but if you are not expecting to meet the due date, please email an ETA "expected time of arrival (response date)".

Q. Will our retrospective subscriptions be uploaded?
A. Some will.  For those for which CAUL has handled the invoicing, the 2016 and 2017 subscription details have been loaded already.  For those for which the vendor or agent has handled the invoicing, the 2017 subscription details are being obtained from the vendor and uploaded, in the process of handling the 2018 offer.

Licenses, offer documents & title lists

Q. What licence terms will be included under each agreement?
A. To be decided.  The "licence terms" module allows CAUL to select its own list of important licence terms, and then to "analyse" each licence to determine whether each condition is met or included.  Members are asked to suggest the terms that are most important to them for inclusion.  [If you are interested in participating in a working group to develop the CAUL list, please contact Diane Costello.]

Q. Will copies of licences (and offer documents) be able to be downloaded?
A. Yes.  Copies of all documentation, including offer documents, licences, spreadsheets, etc will be uploaded into CM at the time the offer/renewal is processed. 

Q. Can the KBART titles files be sent to ProQuest, OCLC for WorldCat, etc.?
A. CM will investigate the option to do this through CM first.  If too difficult, the CAUL office will look at including this in the workflow.

Q. When we send messages direct to vendors from CM, are the messages logged?
A. Yes, all messages are logged, even those sent by the CAUL office.  Responses from vendors, however, will be directed to your email address, not to CM, and therefore will not be logged.

Q. Will the content currently available on the CAUL website be archived?
A. Yes. The current website content will be available in some form.  For example, CAUL's earlier website is still available as and the current website will likely be similarly available.

Invoicing & currency exchange rates

Q. Can we enter our own exchange rate?
A. No, the exchange rate is handled at the system end.  It will only be a ball-park figure, the available figure at the time that CAUL pays the invoice or a fixed date for vendor-invoiced content (not when the institution pays CAUL, or the institution buys its currency in advance, or when the institution pays the vendor directly.)

Q. How will early invoicing be handled?
A.There are currently no changes planned to the invoicing - either the early invoicing, or the usual invoicing that CAUL handles.  Invoices will be created in our finance app, MYOB, and emailed to you as usual.  We do not plan to upload invoices into CM as a separate exercise because this is highly labour-intensive.

IP Addresses

Q. Can we add additional IP addresses?
A. Yes, though should too many errors be introduced, this functionality may be pulled back to "office entry only."


Q. Will we be able to see details of other institutions' subscriptions?
A. Yes, you can see who else has subscribed to any product, under "libraries in this agreement." No publishers will be provided with login details to ConsortiaManager


In August 2017 ConsortiaManager's Nels Jensen provided a walkthrough of the institutional view of the ConsortiaManager application. A video of the ConsortiaManager walkthrough was recorded for those who couldn't attend. The video is useful if you haven't used ConsortiaManager before or just need a refresh. If you have any questions at all, please contact the CAUL Office via email.

Author Feona Abercrombie
Last modified 3 January 2018