National Office

The CAUL National Office supports the CAUL Board and Council in pursuit of CAUL's strategic goals and operations. The National Office exists to support the operations, engagement, advocacy, and strategy implementation aligned with the objectives of CAUL and the directions of the Board.

CAUL operates a connected virtual office with staff located in QLD, VIC, NSW and SA.

Our Staff
Jane Angel, Executive Director
Katya Henry, Director, Strategy & Analytics
Angus Cook, Director, Content Procurement 
Arthur Smith, Associate Director, Content Procurement
Alisha Ashley, Finance & Procurement Officer
Grace Daw, Engagement & Administration Officer 
Rani McLennan, OER Collective Project Officer (Monday and Thursday)

Alisha Davies

Photos (left to right) Jane Angel, Katya Henry, Angus Cook, Arthur Smith, Alisha Ashley, Grace Daw, Rani McLennan

CAUL’s Public Officer, Trish Hepworth, is situated at the CAUL National Office, co-located with ALIA House at 9 Napier Close, Deakin, ACT 2600.

National Office Values 

  • Optimal openness and transparency in all our dealings: with each other, with our Board, with members and stakeholders
  • Empowerment in carrying out our work: especially in the context of the connected, distributed office with self-management a key attribute of team members
  • Responsiveness to the Board, our members, stakeholders and vendors
  • Reciprocal respect and collegial support in achieving goals: working with each other, our Board, members and stakeholders
  • Delivery of high quality services through effective management of Board and member expectations

CAUL ABN: 92228169019

Author Cicy Zheng
Last modified 20 June 2023