OER Collective-Pressbooks Training 2-Advanced PressbooksEDU Publishing

Thursday, 26 May 2022

This training is for designated Community of Practice members from participating CAUL Member institutions. 

CAUL has arranged two training sessions with Pressbooks: a beginner’s session on how to get started with PressbooksEDU, and an advanced publishing session for those who would like to use more advanced tools and features.

This is the event page for Training Session 2: Advanced PressbooksEDU Publishing, please view and register for Pressbooks Training 1-Getting started with Pressbooks by its event page. Both types of session include Q&A time for attendees at the end of the session. 

Training Session 2: Advanced PressbooksEDU Publishing

This session is designed for users who have some familiarity with Pressbooks and are ready to engage in more complex activities, like adding interactive elements or integrating Pressbooks with supported third-party tools. Topics covered in this session include the following:

  1. Cloning and adapting an openly licensed book and using the source comparison tool
  2. Using features demonstrated in the “Getting Started with Pressbooks” webinar in a more advanced way
  3. Creating and displaying mathematical notation (MathJax/LaTeX)
  4. Creating interactive activities in the book (using H5P)
  5. Enabling web annotation for books (with Hypothesis)
  6. How to get help and front-line support for their network from published guides and their network managers.


Resources shared during the session

Pressbooks User Guide

Make Your Book Accessible and Inclusive

Pressbook - Accessibility

Accessibility Toolkit – 2nd Edition

Pressbook - Add Mathematical Notation

Author Cicy Zheng
Last modified 26 May 2022