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Australian Open Science Network Kate Davis 14/03/2023
CAUL Awards Larissa Denham 17/03/2023
OER Collective Academic Authors CoP 2023/1 Cicy Zheng 20/03/2023
CAUL Council 2023/1 Day 2 - Session for All Cicy Zheng 21/03/2023
Governance Harry Rolf 23/03/2023
CAUL Board Mark Sutherland 23/03/2023
Open Educational Resources Collective Community Day Cicy Zheng 24/03/2023
CAUL is hiring – Director, Strategy & Analytics (maternity cover) and Engagement & Administration Officer (maternity cover) Cicy Zheng 24/03/2023
About CAUL Harry Rolf 28/03/2023
Informit Update Cicy Zheng 29/03/2023
Making the case for SCOSS Cicy Zheng 29/03/2023
Open Science in Australia: How can we support key international initiatives Cicy Zheng 31/03/2023
Statistics Services Harry Rolf 04/04/2023
CAUL Response to the Universities Accord Discussion Paper Cicy Zheng 13/04/2023
OER Collective Library Staff CoP 2023/2 Cicy Zheng 13/04/2023
For Consortium Vendors Mark Sutherland 24/04/2023
From metadata to discovery: Ex Libris presentation on working with publisher metadata Cicy Zheng 25/04/2023
Grant boost for no-cost uni textbooks Cicy Zheng 26/04/2023
The CAUDIT Leadership Institute – An Overview for CAUL Member Institution Staff Cicy Zheng 26/04/2023
Renewal Offers for 2024 Subscription Year Alisha Ashley 02/05/2023
Informit Update Cicy Zheng 03/05/2023
OER Collective - Induction Session for 2023 grant recipients Cicy Zheng 10/05/2023
Unpacking open access and transformative publisher agreements - exploring a new academic library narrative? Cicy Zheng 16/05/2023
CAUL FTE Data and Bands Cicy Zheng 17/05/2023
CAUL Vendor Exhibition Days Cicy Zheng 22/05/2023
Publicly Accessible Documents and Reports Harry Rolf 24/05/2023
OER Collective Academic Authors CoP 2023/2 Cicy Zheng 30/05/2023
Years in Review Larissa Denham 31/05/2023
Newsletter Harry Rolf 31/05/2023