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Research Publications Repository Survey Report 2017 Harry Rolf 08/01/2018
Communities of Practice Harry Rolf 12/04/2022
Response to Standards Australia's new model Harry Rolf 27/11/2019
CAUL and NSLA principles for access to digital content Harry Rolf 12/12/2019
July update- CAUL's Digital Dexterity Program Harry Rolf 04/07/2018
Affiliates Harry Rolf 12/01/2018
Sharing of library re-opening planning during COVID-19 Harry Rolf 10/06/2020
Connect OER Annual Report, 2016-2017 Harry Rolf 24/11/2017
Content Procurement Services Harry Rolf 29/07/2022
Digital Dexterity community of practice Harry Rolf 14/01/2019
Media releases Harry Rolf 17/10/2019
Learning from Bold Minds in Leadership Kate Davis 12/07/2022
Leading through Uncertainty and Change Kate Davis 06/10/2021
Another Kind of Open: Exploring the Benefits and Barriers to the Creation and Use of Open Educational Resources Kate Davis 21/10/2021
Respecting Indigenous Knowledge Kate Davis 01/11/2021
Deputy University Librarians Network 2022/1 Meeting Kate Davis 30/06/2022
Open Educational Resources Collective Kate Davis 19/03/2022
Transformative Agreements Implementation Community of Practice Kate Davis 08/08/2022
Building Sustainable Leadership Kate Davis 23/08/2021
Quietly Powerful: Unlocking your Hidden Leadership Superpower Kate Davis 01/11/2021
Enabling a Modern Curriculum Kate Davis 20/04/2022
International Perspectives: Developing a National Strategy for Open Research Kate Davis 04/08/2021
Indigenous Knowledges Symposium Kate Davis 20/07/2021
Fast Track to Open Access Larissa Denham 01/07/2021
CAUL is hiring – Director, Strategy & Analytics. Applications close on Wednesday 20 January 2021 Larissa Denham 22/01/2021
Virtual Workshop: Building a Sustainable New Reality Larissa Denham 22/10/2020
Years in Review Larissa Denham 27/04/2022
CAUL 2021 Board Meeting Dates - Date listing only Larissa Denham 10/05/2021
New Chief Scientist, Congratulations from CAUL Larissa Denham 11/11/2020
Copyright Advocacy Larissa Denham 03/08/2021
Virtual Workshop: Enabling a Modern Curriculum Larissa Denham 08/10/2020
Developing an Overarching National Strategy for Open Research in Australia Larissa Denham 03/08/2021
COVID19 Updates Larissa Denham 07/07/2021
CAUL and AOASG welcome Chief Scientist's commitment to open access for Australian research Larissa Denham 17/03/2021
CAUL/NSLA Email Archives Webinar Larissa Denham 14/07/2021
Copyright and COVID-19 Survey Report Larissa Denham 11/11/2020
Call for Expressions of Interest to Host IATUL FALL 2021 SEMINAR Larissa Denham 23/06/2021
ORCID, DOIs and return on investment for research infrastructure Larissa Denham 18/08/2021
CAUL Awards for Achievement & Innovation Larissa Denham 07/06/2021
The Western Australian University Libraries (WAUL) Larissa Denham 09/09/2021
CAUL Virtual Social Event for Council Members Larissa Denham 12/11/2020
WSU Library to launch the Dharawal Pharmacopeia collection Larissa Denham 23/06/2021
CAUL Achievement Awards for 2020 close on 15 January 2021 Larissa Denham 10/12/2020
CAUL Member Categories Larissa Denham 14/03/2022
Supporting Open Data: CAUL - ARDC Partnership Larissa Denham 26/11/2020
CAUL Council 2021/2 Open Session: Programs Update Larissa Denham 23/09/2021
Libraries of the Australian Technology Network Larissa Denham 14/06/2021
CAUL appeals to publishers and content vendors to be responsive to the ongoing long-term impacts of the pandemic on the university library sector Larissa Denham 08/07/2021
CAUL Board Mark Sutherland 08/08/2022
For Consortium Vendors Mark Sutherland 03/05/2022