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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Compliance: Considerations for CAUL. David Howard, updated 17/6/14

Recommendations to CAUL 2014/2: Although it is likely that Universities are not covered under the NTS and no mandatory actions are required, it can be viewed as a social responsibility and good practice for our libraries to consider WCAG 2.0 compliance in the provision of our services. 

The following recommendations are made to CAUL.

  1. That CAUL procurement/licencing procedures are updated to include information from vendors in relation to WCAG compliance.
  2. That CAUL request WCAG compliance information when presenting CAUL deals to member 
  3. That data on WCAG compliance be made available via the CAUL website.
  4. That CAUL raise awareness of WCAG requirements in relation to online access with specific focus on the procurement/licencing process within member Libraries.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 is now the International standard for accessible online content ISO/IEC 40500:2012 (International Organization for Standardization, 2012).

Vendor/publisher comment on WCAG compliance (UWS survey 2013/14, not for further distribution)


Model Licences

LicensingModels.org (The new name for LicensingModels.com). Model standard licenses for use by publishers, librarians and subscription agents for electronic resources. (John Cox Associates) Updated 27/10/09 Notes on changes: referring to the Academic Single Institution Licence in the following; parallel changes have been made to all the licences, though the clause numbers may vary a little. 

  1. Unnecessary provisions have been removed: the last clause on resolving disputes by an ‘expert’ (clause 12) has been removed as being superfluous.  References to “agent” and “Publisher’s Representative”  have been removed as they have, in the event, proved to be unnecessary. 
  2. Clause 1 Definitions now includes definitions of Learning Object, Text Mining and Virtual Learning Environment. 
  3. New usage rights in respect of these definitions will be found in clauses 3.2.3, 3.2.4, and 3.2.6.

For Datasets Coordinators

FAQ for CEIRC Datasets Coordinators (2/10/05, updated periodically)
Roles and Responsibilities of Datasets Coordinators and CEIRC Members. CEIRC Operational Plan Item 4.3  (5/10/05)
The role of mentors for Datasets Coordinators - proposal (27/6/08) [Members only]
CEIRC Mentor Program Participants (updated 19/5/17) [Members only]
CEIRC Mentor Program: Two years on - report from Sue Dowling (21/2/11)  [Members only]
Licence & e-Resource Management Tools & Services

CEIRC Policies

CEIRC Principles & Framework for Pricing Electronic Information Resources (reviewed July, 2017)
CEIRC guidelines for intermediary agents (updated 18/5/15)

CEIRC Planning

CEIRC Statement of Benefits 2008 - Greg Anderson (9/3/09)
CEIRC Operational plan 2007-2008 - (updated 18/4/07) [Members only] 
CEIRC Statement of Benefits 2007 - Andrew Wells (20/3/08)
Report of achievement agains the 2006 plan - Andrew Wells
CEIRC 2006 Operational Plan - Heather Gordon (22/3/06)
The CEIRC Strategic Directions were approved by CAUL in September, 2004.
CEIRC Risk Assessment. Prepared by G. Cribb & H. Gordon – edited by C. Anderson. (Version of 16/11/07)  [Members only]
Return on Investment (ROI) Framework for E-Resources Negotiated by CEIRC - Heather Gordon (1/12/05)

CEIRC Operations

Working with CAUL/CEIRC - for (new) publishers & their (new) representatives - presentation by Diane Costello, CAUL Executive Officer, at VALA2016, February 2016.
Participation of external organisations in the CEIRC program was formally recognised in 2000, and closed following the CEIRC review in 2007
Policy for payment of invoices to CAUL  [Members only]
CAUL/CEIRC offers - placing orders and paying invoices (20/7/05)
CEIRC annual renewals (publisher/product portfolio, updated 5/3/10) [Members only]

CEIRC Reviews

CEIRC Review 2007 Request for Quotation (Andrew Wells, 2/8/07) [Members only] 
CEIRC Review 2007 - consultant's report - (2/1/08) [Members only] 
CEIRC Review 2007 - Executive Committee recommendations vis a vis consultant's report  (28/2/08) [Members only] 
CEIRC Review 1999 - Report on a Review of CEIRC for the CAUL Executive (Edward Lim, Margaret Macpherson, Madeleine McPherson 2/2/99) [Members only]

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