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We are pleased to announce that Mark Sutherland, Acting University Librarian, University of Newcastle will be the inaugural Manager, Content Procurement for CAUL. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in relation to content procurement and leadership. He will take up with position in late April 2019.

Mark Sutherland

When asked about how he felt about the role Mark said:

I am really excited about taking on this new role within the CAUL Office. I love the prospect of moulding a new position and I am looking forward to both changes and challenges in seeking to deliver real value for CAUL members, not just in the area of content procurement but in any other area where I can use my background and experience to the benefit of CAUL and the membership'.

About Mark
Mark Sutherland completed a Bachelor of Arts in social sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand and later undertook a Bachelor of Library Science followed by a Graduate qualification in Management at the University of South Africa while working in the Library at the same institution. He and his young family migrated to Australia in 1997 and spent the first 18 months in Adelaide before moving to the Gold Coast where the family has been based ever since, despite Mark air-commuting to Newcastle for the past 5+ years since his appointment as Associate Librarian at the University of Newcastle in 2013.

Prior to that Mark held positions managing the Gold Coast campus Library as well as Information Literacy Services at Griffith University in the early 2000s. He then spent almost 9 years at Bond University first as Associate Director in the Library and then as Associate Director for Corporate Services in a merged Library and IT Services unit. In the latter role he was responsible for both library procurement and IT procurement hence his keen interest in the new role in the CAUL Office.

If he hadn’t become a librarian, Mark thinks he would have either been an accountant or an architect. Unlike most librarians (and others) nowadays, Mark does not drink coffee but can usually be found with a can of Coke No Sugar at hand. 

Author Harry Rolf
Last modified 21 July 2020