CAUL endorses the ICOLC Statement on the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

The International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) has recently released a statement written on behalf of library consortia globally to help publishers understand how the current global COVID-19 pandemic affects the worldwide information community, and to suggest a range of approaches that are in the best interest of libraries and providers of information services. With mass University and school closures affecting hundreds of millions of students globally and the further conversion of teaching to online delivery, it is vital that libraries and publishers work in partnership on the best approach to information delivery.  

The statement asks publishers to consider:

  1. Making any relevant content and data sets about COVID-19, Coronaviruses (regardless of species affected), vaccines, antiviral drugs, etc. currently behind subscription-only paywalls Open Access immediately
  2. Removing and waiving all simultaneous user limit
  3. Lifting existing contractual ILL restrictions or photocopying limits
  4. Allowing the maximum extent of copyright limitations, exception and fair use, even if contractually restricted

And that publishers plan to:

  1. Allow flexible renewal periods and lengthened payment due dates
  2. Delay or minimize any planned price increases
  3. Develop plans to temporarily lift paywalls or develop alternative methods of authentication
  4. Lift campus-only restrictions

The full statement is publicly available for further viewing.

COVID-19 resources from CAUL Constorium vendors
Angus Cook, CAUL’s Content Procurement Manager has contacted all CAUL Consortium vendors and asked them to supply details of paywalled content that they are making freely available during the COVID-19 crisis.  So far CAUL has had a very strong response from vendors and collated details in a list that has been forwarded to the CAUL Content Community.  CAUL will continue to update the list as further content becomes available, and will also be alerting the community in regards to any lists from other consortia or organisations. 

Author Harry Rolf
Last modified 17 July 2020