ORCID, DOIs and return on investment for research infrastructure

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Did you know that use of persistent identifiers (such as ORCID and DOIs) can result in significant savings for the research sector, savings that could be channelled back into research? 

A June 2021 report by MoreBrains Cooperative for Jisc UK found significant savings based on current levels of PID adoption and that investment in PID integration could generate an estimated net saving of £5.67M over the course of five years if PID adoption targets are met. These savings will only expand once other ‘priority PIDs’ are equally well adopted, according to the report. Not only can investment in PIDs save time through efficiency gains, it can produce more accurate reporting and provide more meaningful metrics. According to report author, Josh Brown, “Investment in PIDs will also lead to improved, evidence-based decision-making by institutions, funders, and policy makers which, while less tangible and difficult to estimate, is likely to be significant”.

Sounds too good to be true? We invite you to join us at a collaborative webinar co-sponsored by CAUL, ARDC and AAF where we will unpack the UK report with author Josh Brown (MoreBrains Cooperative) and talk about how Australia might achieve similar benefits through adoption of ‘priority PIDs’ with Natasha Simons (ARDC) and Melroy Almeida (AAF ORCID Consortium). The webinar will be moderated by Simon Huggard (CAUL), Chair of the Australian ORCID Advisory Group.


The use of Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) in research outputs is critical because they provide identification of and connection between research objects and entities such as researchers, funders, organisations, articles, datasets, software, and samples. This enables better attribution and discovery of research and lays the foundation for better tracking of research impact. The ARDC’s suite of PID services, combined with those available through the AAF led Australian ORCID Consortium, form the backbone of enabling FAIR research outputs via PIDs in Australia.

If you have questions please contact: CAUL office or Simon Huggard.


ORCID, DOIs and return on investment for research infrastructure


National PID Infrastructure (Australia) - Presented by Natasha Simons, Associate Director, Data & Services, Australian Research Data Commons

ORCID  in Australia - Presented by Melroy Almeida, Technical Support Analyst - ORCID | Australian Access Federation Ltd

Author Larissa Denham
Last modified 18 August 2021