OECD webinar

Thursday, 28 July 2022

OECD iLibrary – the one-stop shop for international social, economic, and environmental data and analysis

If you want to make comparisons between countries on a range socio-economic indicators, and understand the reasons for the differences, then look no further than OECD iLibrary (www.oecd-ilibrary.org). The OECD is in a unique position as the world’s largest think-tank, to provide advice, recommendations, guidelines, and standards to its Member Countries and beyond, to encourage better policies for better lives on everything from Agriculture to Taxation, Education to Social Issues – in fact, every aspect of human activity, except defence and sport.

OECD iLibrary is the research repository where the Organisation’s final output is made available for academics, researchers, public officials, and corporations to explore, discover, and integrate into their own workflows.  A single platform provides access to all journal articles, monograph, datasets, and podcasts for users to choose the format best-suited to their requirements.  The material is organised by subject (17 in total) and can also be navigated by country.  A quick search box enables top level (titles, abstract, key word) searching, whilst the Advanced Search feature allows the user to delve deep inside the full text.  The content is also fully indexed by the main discovery services – EDS, Primo, Summon and WDS.

The OECD is an International Organisation, and whilst its primary functions are publicly funded, its publishing programme is self-financing and so we rely on the revenue from annual subscriptions, such as CAUL, to maintain and develop the platform.  In recognition of its status, we do operate a Freemium business model, making content free to consult onscreen.  However, access to all digital formats – PDF, ePub, XLS, CSV, MP3 - is reserved for subscribers.  We continue to improve and enhance the service, most notably in the last year having added the podcasts and personalised e-mail alerts.

This webinar will give an overview of the service and highlight the new features and functionality available. 

Note from CAUL: OECD has been supportive of CAUL members during the pandemic, and we look forward to working with this organisation in future.  The webinar may be of particular interest to faculty and liaison librarians servicing relevant subject areas.


Presenter of webinar for CAUL

James Kitchen – OECD Regional Sales and Marketing Manager

Based in Paris, France and at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for over 20 years, James has been involved with the commercialisation of its digital assets from the beginning. 

He was part of the launch team, when the first articles were made available on the Ingenta platform in 1999.  A pioneering, dedicated portal – SourceOECD – was created the following year, to include the Organisation’s monographs, to be joined a year later by the statistical databases.  In 2010, a rebrand and redesign of the site saw the release of OECD iLibrary.  The markets for which James is responsible have evolved over time, and now cover Southern Europe, Middle East, and Southern Africa, as well as, of course, Australia and New Zealand, working closely with local representative, Joanne Verbeeten from About3 Learning. 

In addition to his marketing activity, James also edits the OECD iLibrary Newsletter. 

Outside of work, James is a keen sportsman.


Author Cicy Zheng
Last modified 29 July 2022