NRDC (National Research Data Cloud) Webinar

Friday, 16 March 2018
Research, Repositories

You are invited to a webinar to hear about, and provide input into, the development of the NRDC (National Research Data Cloud) – the successor to ANDS/Nectar/RDS.

UWA’s DVC(R), Robyn Owens and NRDC’s Rob Cook will be presenting on NRDC at an AeRO National Forum in Canberra to be held on Wed 14 March. This will be an open invitation event to the research and research infrastructure sectors. AeRO normally succeeds in attracting anything up to a hundred or more people to these events and they are organised to involve participants and collect feedback.  (See registration details.)

The CAUL Executive has met with Rob via Zoom, and offered to arrange a webinar shortly after the AeRO event. It would enable CAUL feedback to be taken into account as the final versions of the NRDC Transition Plan are assembled.

We had originally suggested a workshop but the logistics were too difficult. 

The idea of a workshop alongside the CAUL Conference on 22-23 March 2018 was attractive – meetings seeking input often work better face-to-face. By that time the transition planning from ANDS, Nectar and RDS to NRDC will be almost complete, and the implementation will have started – if the Department is prepared to act expeditiously. A workshop would focus on how CAUL could interact with and influence the NRDC implementation. We could discuss the draft plans as they are at that stage and CAUL could provide input to help shape the plan. Rob would intend to provide material in advance that could help attendees to think about the content prior to the meeting and focus discussion.

Webinar Recordings

The NRDC Webinar presentation slides are available here, and the video recording is available here.

Author Feona Abercrombie
Last modified 3 April 2018