CAUL Awards for Achievement & Innovation

CAUL Awards for Achievement & Innovation

*** Nominations for the 2020 Awards will re-open after a review of the awards in June 2021 ***

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Purpose of the Awards

The purpose of the annual CAUL Awards is to recognise, celebrate and promote outstanding achievement and innovation of staff working in CAUL member institutions, from early career staff members to mentors and emerging leaders.

To ensure broad scope of recognition, a variety of individual and team awards across categories aligned with career stages or current strategic themes, are offered.

Nominations will be called annually at the end of the year, in reflection of achievements over the past twelve months, with a view to adjudication and presentation of the awards early in the following year.

Categories of the Awards

Individuals or teams nominating for an award are required to pick one of the current strategic themes. In the citation they should articulate how they have met the eligibility criteria listed here in relation to the particular theme. The strategic themes for 2020 to 2022 are:

  • Advancing Open Scholarship
  • Enabling a Modern Curriculum
  • Respecting Indigenous Knowledge
  • Inspiring Sustainability

In addition, individuals nominating must identify either as an early career staff member or an emerging leader. Self-nominations will be accepted.

Eligibility for the Awards

Individuals and teams nominating for the awards should meet the following four eligibility criteria in relation to their nominated achievement in the context of the strategic theme they have picked:

  • Clear evidence of innovation – including new approaches, new methods, new thinking
  • Clear evidence of collegial work – including supporting colleagues in the achievement of goals or outcomes
  • Clear evidence of value and impact – including positive change brought about both inside and beyond the nominee’s institution
  • Clear evidence of sustainability and scalability – including how easy it is achieve the outcome in another institutional context

Citations should clearly describe the achievement in these terms and be supported by a testimonial from a supervisor, peer or colleague. Every citation for an award should also be endorsed by the relevant University Librarian or equivalent before submission.

Nature of the Awards

The judging panel is able to make awards in a number of configurations: two team awards or one team award and two individual awards or four individual awards. Team awards will be $3,000 per team and individual awards will be $1,500 per individual.

The monetary value of the award will be paid to the institution for application to the  professional development costs of the awardee(s)

Judging of the Awards

The adjudication panel will comprise the following:

  • Two Board Members
  • A National Office representative
  • A Council Member (UL or equivalent)
  • A non-CAUL representative (e.g. ALIA, CAUDIT, ACODE, etc.)

Presentation of the Awards

  • The individual award for an emerging leader may be presented at a dinner of the CAUL Leadership Institute (CLI). The CLI would cover the costs for the awardee to travel to the CLI to receive the award
  • Other awards, as appropriate, may be presented in conjunction with an annual conference (e.g. VALA or ALIA Information Online)

Online Nomination Form

Author Larissa Denham
Last modified 7 June 2021