University of Wollongong

Welcome to the UoW Library

What’s the draw card? 

Firstly, it’s a great place to study, whether you need somewhere quiet so you can focus on your personal research, or perhaps a space to work as group.

Take advantage of access to computers, powered desks, and printing and copying services all within the one building.

If you choose to use your own technology, we’ve got that covered too, with hundreds of powered study spaces and wireless network support.

Secondly, providing access to information and research content is what we are all about. We’ve got great collections which include half a million books, 246,450+ ebooks, 610 databases, and over 106,955 journal titles (mostly online and full-text).

But there’s more.

Imagine if you could have access to millions of other titles and publications held in other libraries world-wide; well you do. Search using our discovery systems and with the click of button, we can get what you need delivered within days. It gets better, if it’s an article it’s delivered to your email account.

We’re highly committed to the discovery of UOW research. We have a mature institutional repository, Research Online to showcase the unique research of the University. Our digitisation initiatives ensure that our special collections are accessible.

But it’s our commitment to exceptional service, focusing on the unique needs of students and staff that set us apart. Whether you talk to us face to face or online, you can be guaranteed of great support and advice.

Our services include: Academic Outreach, consultations for postgraduate students, online help services and much more. Plus there’s so much you can do online.

Margie Jantti
Director, Library Services


Northfields Ave
Wollongong NSW 2522


Official CAUL Member
Margie Jantti
Director Library Services
Phone (mobile):
0418 445 791
02 4221 3579
Statistics contact
Alison Pepper
Manager, Strategy & Performance
+61 2 4221 3165
Content Coordinator contact
Leanne Campbell
Team Leader Client Services
+61 2 4221 5052
ULANZ contact
Adrienne Corradini
Acting Team Leader of Client Services
+61 2 4221 4384
Professional Development Contact
Donna Dee
Manager, workforce planning and development