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CAUL 2014 - the year in review

CAUL 2014 - the year in review

CAUL President (2013-2015)

CAUL President (2013-2015) Heather Gordon was elected President in 2013. She is currently Director of Library and Information Services at James Cook University and her previous CAUL roles have included: member of the Executive Committee from 2006 to 2010, chair of the CEIRC committee 2004-2006, the CAIRSS Advisory Committee from 2008-2012 and of the Research Advisory Committee in 2013.

CAUL is the peak leadership organisation for university libraries in Australia.  Our mission is to influence information policies and practices in Australian higher education, and to support and enhance the value of university libraries.

Since the first meeting of Australian university librarians in 1928 and the formation of the Committee of Australian University Librarians in 1965, CAUL has sought to ensure a common voice and representation for all university libraries, provide a forum for discussion, and promote common interests.

Membership of CAUL is open to the University Librarian or equivalent of institutions which have representation on Universities Australia.

The CAUL constitution was last amended in March, 2014. 

CAUL is an unincorporated association, but conducts its financial operations as though it were incorporated, including the conduct of an annual financial audit.

The CAUL office was established in 1995 and is located in Canberra, Australia.

CAUL's strategic directions emphasise collaborative activities which will contribute to the achievement of key objectives including:

  • optimising student learning outcomes;
  • maximising the potential of libraries to contribute to graduate attributes;
  • maximising the information resources available to researchers, and the facilitation of their access;
  • promoting continuous improvement in university libraries, and
  • advocating effective policies and an appropriate legal and regulatory environment.

CAUL maintains close working relationships with Universities Australia, the Australian Research Council, and other relevant bodies in order to accomplish its mission.

In 2003, CAUL signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CAUDIT and ACODE.

In 2003, CAUL approved a communication strategy and guidelines for CAUL staff, members and their representatives. 

In 2004, CAUL approved guidelines for the composition of committees and working groups, and guidelines for determining whether CAUL will take up membership of associated organisations.

A review of operations under regional cooperation was prepared by Chris Mulder and Ray Choate, and tabled at CAUL 1999/1 (1/3/99)

In 2010, a major review of CAUL's committee structure was undertaken.

CAUL and its members are currently engaged in a range of  major activities.