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23 June, 2016
22 June, 2016
16 June, 2016
8 June, 2016
  • Job announcement: The University of Hertfordshire Library and Computing Services - Research and Scholarly Communications Manager. Applications close 16 June 2016. For more information, see the online advertisement, job no. 013621
  • Job announcement: The University of Hertfordshire Library and Computing Services - Research and Scholarly Communications Consultant. Applications close 16 June 2016. For more information, see the online advertisement, job no. 013617
  • Job announcement: Wellcome (UK) - Open Research Coordinator. Applications close 20 June 2016. For more information see the online advertisement.
3 June, 2016
30 May, 2016
  • 2016 October 31- November 1 Bethesda, MD Bibliometrics and Research Assessment: A Symposium for Librarians and Information Professionals. The event is co-sponsored by the NIH Library (National Institutes of Health) and the Maryland chapter of SLA (Special Libraries Association). Proposals to be submitted to Chris Belter (christopher.belter@nih.gov) and Ya-Ling Lu (ya-ling.lu@nih.gov) by July 15, 2016.
  • 2017 June 26-30 Brisbane Open Repositories 2017 Conference. Hosted by The University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Griffith University. Save the date http://or2017.net/
27 May, 2016
25 May, 2016
23 May, 2016
20 May, 2016
16 May, 2016
  • 2016 September 11-13 Denver, CO SciDataCon 2016. Organised biennially by CODATA (the Committee on Data of ICSU, the International Council for Science) and the ICSU World Data System http://www.scidatacon.org/
12 May, 2016
  • 2017 April 20-22 Lviv, Ukraine Book and Paper Restoration and Conservation Conference. Organised by The Association of Libraries and Archives of Western Ukraine (ALAWU) http://www.alawu.org/conference/
10 May, 2016
9 May, 2016
  •  2016 May 9-10 The Hague, The Netherlands 24th EBLIDA Annual Council Meeting & EBLIDA-NAPLE Conference. The EBLIDA (European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations) conference is supported by the FOBID Netherlands Library Forum and is hosted under the EU Presidency of the Netherlands http://www.eblida.org/empowering-europe/eblida2016.html
8 May, 2016
  • Reimagining Copyright's Duration. [By]  Rebecca Giblin.  [In] What If We Could Reimagine Copyright? Rebecca Giblin & Kimberlee Weatherall, eds, ANU Press, 2016, Forthcoming.  Monash University Faculty of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2014/09.  February 5, 2015 (AU)
  • Academic Response to PWC Report on Economics of Copyright Fair Use.  Posted by Sean Flynn on April 18, The Academics’ Submission was produced by members of the Global Expert Network on Copyright User Rights 2016, coordinated by the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property (PIJIP) at American University Washington College of Law (AU|WCL).  (US)
4 May, 2016
2 May, 2016
1 May, 2016
29 April, 2016
  • Productivity Commission.  Intellectual Property Arrangements. The Australian Government has asked the Productivity Commission to undertake a 12 month public inquiry into Australia's intellectual property system. Initial submissions are due by Monday 30 November 2015.  Release of draft report expected March/April 2016.
28 April, 2016
  • RightsStatements.org provides 11 standardized rights statements for online cultural heritage.  Our rights statements make it easy to see if and how online cultural heritage works can be reused. RightsStatements.org is a project of DPLA and Europeana.  (US)
24 April, 2016
15 April, 2016
13 April, 2016
12 April, 2016
8 April, 2016
7 April, 2016
5 April, 2016
3 April, 2016
1 April, 2016
  • Journal-Flipping Project.  This is a 2015-2016 project to gather options and best practices on converting subscription-based scholarly journals to open access.  Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication (US)
30 March, 2016
  • 2016 June 29-July 1 Helsinki, Finland The 45th LIBER Annual Conference "Libraries Opening Paths to Knowledge". Organised by LIBER (Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche – Association of European Research Libraries). Registrations now open http://liber2016.org/
28 March, 2016
25 March, 2016
24 March, 2016
22 March, 2016
21 March, 2016
16 March, 2016
  • 2016 October 31-1 November Brisbane, Liberact IV: Converge and Create. This year's event will feature plenary presentations, technology demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and even a technology trade show under the shade of the massive Cube. Hosted by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) http://www.liberact.net/
  • 2016 April 12-14 London, UK The London Book Fair. Organised by Reed Exhibitions http://www.londonbookfair.co.uk/
  • 2016 October 19-23 Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt Book Fair 2016. Organised by Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH (a subsidiary of Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels) http://www.buchmesse.de/en/fbf/
  • 2016 July 5-8 Darwin, CISA National Conference 2016. Organised by The Council of International Students Australia (CISA) in partnership with the Northern Territory Government through StudyNT, supported by Charles Darwin University https://www.ivvy.com/event/CISA16/
  • 2017 April 4-7 Barcelona, Spain RDA 9th Plenary Meeting. Organised by Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), with the support of Research Data Sharing Alliance Europe (RDA) https://rd-alliance.org/plenary-meetings/rda-ninth-plenary-meeting.html
  • Job announcement: The University of Sydney - Associate Director, Quality Innovation & Planning. Applications close: 18 March 2016. For more information, see the online advertisement, Reference no. 090/0116.
13 March, 2016
  • The Federal Register of Legislation (the Legislation Register) is the authorised whole-of-government website for Commonwealth legislation and related documents. It contains the full text and details of the lifecycle of individual laws and the relationships between them.  The Legislation Register is managed by the Office of Parliamentary Counsel in accordance with the Legislation Act 2003. Most of the content on the Legislation Register can be freely used under a Creative Commons licence. (AU)
9 March, 2016
8 March, 2016
  • CRIS / IR Survey Report.  [Current Research Information Systems (CRISs) and Institutional Repositories (IRs)]  Final Report Authors: Lígia Ribeiro, Michele Mennielli, Pablo de Castro.  EUNIS, the European University Information Systems Organization and euroCRIS, the International Organization for  Research Information.  (EU)
6 March, 2016
5 March, 2016
4 March, 2016
3 March, 2016
  • 2016 March 16 Canberra AeRO Forum 'Towards Australia's eResearch 2025'. Organised by Australian eResearch Organisations (AeRO). RSVP to Loretta Davis (AeRO Executive Officer) loretta@aero.edu.au Mobile: 0407 370 474 http://aero.edu.au/forums/
2 March, 2016
  • 2016 April 27-28 San Diego, CA Digital Initiatives Symposium 2016. Hosted by the University of San Diego Copley Library. Registrations now open http://digital.sandiego.edu/symposium/
  • 2016 March 9 Canberra Linked up, Loud and Literate 'Libraries enabling digital citizenship'. Hosted by National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA), and the National Library of Australia. Registrations are now open http://www.nsla.org.au/digital-citizenship
  • 2016 June 10-11 Shipur, India ISKCOM 2016 (International Symposium on Knowledge and Communication). Jointly organized by SVKM's Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies & Information and Communication Department, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Khon Kaen University http://iskcom.nmims.edu/
  • 2016 May 17-18 Amsterdam, Netherlands  PASTEUR4OA final conference 'Green Light for Open Access: Aligning Europe’s OA Policies'. Organised by PASTEUR4OA (Open Access Policy Alignment Strategies for European Union Research) http://www.pasteur4oa.eu/final-conference
  • 2016 July 14-15 Melbourne 2016 Australian Higher Education Summit 'Leaders, Technology and Research Futures across the Asia-Pacific Region'. Event organised for NEELI (National Excellence in Educational Leadership Initiative) by the Australian School of Applied Management. Registrations now open http://www.apac-higher-ed-summit.com/events/the-australia-apac-higher-education-summit/event-summary-dced3fe9ada242c2b8daf257495a8d76.aspx
29 February, 2016
28 February, 2016
27 February, 2016
26 February, 2016
25 February, 2016
24 February, 2016
23 February, 2016
  • Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week is an annual celebration of the important doctrines of fair use and fair dealing. It is designed to highlight and promote the opportunities presented by fair use and fair dealing, celebrate successful stories, and explain these doctrines.  Participating organizations:  American Library Association et al  (US)
22 February, 2016
21 February, 2016
19 February, 2016

18 February, 2016
17 February, 2016
16 February, 2016
15 February, 2016
14 February, 2016
13 February, 2016
  • The Value and Impact of the European Bioinformatics Institute.  Full Report.  January 2016.  Analysis and report by: Neil Beagrie, Charles Beagrie Ltd., John Houghton, Victoria University.  (UK)
    • Cambridge, UK, 11 February 2016 - Value and impact of open data.  An independent analysis of the value and impact of the European Bioinformatics Institute published by Charles Beagrie, Ltd. shows that for every £1 million invested, EMBL-EBI returns ~£20 million in value to the global scientific community.  European Molecular Biology Laboratory - European Bioinformatics Institute.
8 February, 2016
7 February, 2016
2 February, 2016
  • White Paper on Remixes, First Sale, and Statutory Damages.  U.S. Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force.  January 28, 2016 (US)
    • ".... addresses important issues at the intersection of copyright law and Internet policy. It is the result of a comprehensive, multi-year review of three key topics: 1) the legal framework for the creation of remixes; 2) the relevance and scope of the first sale doctrine in the digital environment; and 3) the application of statutory damages in the context of individual file-sharers and secondary liability for large-scale online infringement."
1 February, 2016
  • 2016 May 23-27 Sydney Aurora Institute for Emerging Leaders 2016. Hosted by the Aurora Foundation, registrations now open: http://aurorafoundation.org.au
31 January, 2016
30 January, 2016
27 January, 2016
22 January, 2016
14 January, 2016
13 January, 2016
7 January, 2016
  • OpenEdOz.  Excerpts from Draft Final Report [pdf] - November 2015.  Project Supported by the Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) (AU)
  • Research Data Management: A Primer [pdf]  by Carly Strasser.  NISO Press, 2015 27 pp. ISBN: 978-1-937522-65-0  (US)
  • 2016 May 24-27 London, England 'Exploring Trends and Challenges on Building the Future Libraries' QQML 2016 International Conference. Hosted by QQML (Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries) and organised by ISAST (International Society for the Advancement of Science and Technology) http://www.isast.org/
6 January, 2016
  • 2016 February 22-25 Amsterdam, Netherlands 'Visible data, invisible infrastructure' The 11th International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC). Hosted by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC). Registrations now open: http://www.dcc.ac.uk/events/idcc16
5 January, 2016
  • Raju, R., Adam, A., Johnson, G., Miller, C. & Pietersen, J. 2015. The quest for deeper meaning of research  support. Cape Town: University of Cape Town Libraries.  DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15641/0-7992-2526-6  ISBN 978-0-7992-2526-6 "The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions’ (IFLA) Academic and Research Libraries Standing Committee’s preconference was held in Cape Town, South Africa, between 13 and 14 August 2015. The theme of the preconference was The quest for a deeper meaning of research support."  (ZA)
4 January, 2016
  • Why Open Research?  "Many researchers support the idea of increasing access to research, but worry about the implications for their career of sharing their work. We built this site primarily for researchers, to educate them about all the different ways they can be open and how sharing can be beneficial for their careers. We also aim to provide information and resources for those working in open advocacy."  © Erin C. McKiernan (US)
  • 2015 September 10 Southampton, UK Open Access and the Research Excellence Framework. Presentations are now available: http://padlet.com/klw/oa_ref_workshop
  • 2016 June 13-17 Zadar, Croatia LIDA 2016 'Digital Library Curation and Collections'. Hosted by LIDA (Libraries in the Digital Age). Call for participation: http://ozk.unizd.hr/lida/
24 December, 2015
  • Updating Australia's copyright laws.  We have released for public comment proposed changes to Australia’s copyright laws designed to modernise and improve their workability.  Comments on the draft amendments should be made by 5.00 pm (AEST) on Friday, 12 February 2016.  The exposure draft bill and more information on the proposed changes is available on the Have Your Say page.  © Department of Communications and the Arts 2015 (AU)
19 December, 2015
16 December, 2015
15 December, 2015
9 December, 2015
7 December, 2015
6 December, 2015
1 December, 2015
  • Some innovation in the innovation debate, please.  26 November 2015, by Prof. Leo Goedegebuure & Prof. Lynn Meek.  Insights - a regular feature of the LH Martin Institute e-Newsletter (AU)
  • Copyright! short film. Produced by Federation University Australia in collaboration with GoTAFE.  "This film is a narrative piece aimed at students, with a story approach in the attempt to entertain and engage students to change behaviour and attitudes toward copyright infringement."  Published on Nov 25, 2015  (AU)

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