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15/04/2017 Emerald Group Publishing

eCase Collection

Contact Emerald

28/04/2017 IEEE

IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL)

renewals by 26/5/17; contact EBSCO

28/04/2017 Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP)

IOP eBooks (Release 1-4); IOP Journal Archives (JJAP, Turpion, Physics World)

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02/05/2017 Columbia University Press

Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)

eoi 15/5/17; renewals 29/5/17

04/05/2017 Springer

Zentralblatt für Mathematik - Mathematics Abstracts

contact Springer Nature

01/06/2017 Brill Reference Works

Online Reference Works, Bibliographies, Dictionaries and Primary Sources available in these disciplines:
African Studies; American Studies; Art and Architecture; Asian Studies; Biblical and Christian Studies; Classical Studies; Cultural Studies; European History and Culture; International Law and Human Rights; International Relations and Political Science; Jewish and Hebrew Studies; Language and Linguistics; Latin American Studies; Middle East and Islamic Studies; Religious Studies; Russian and Slavic Studies; Social Sciences

valid 15/12/17; contact Bezi

02/06/2017 JSTOR

Books at JSTOR Evidence-based Acquisition Model (EBA);
JSTOR Sustainability Collection

orders by 30/6/17; contact JSTOR

17/07/2017 Credo Reference

Credo Reference Essentials Collections

contact Credo

04/10/2017 Project MUSE

Premium Collection; Standard Collection; Basic Research Collection; Basic College Collection; Humanities Collection; Social Sciences Collection; Subject Collections;

Project MUSE 2017 eBook Collections: Complete Collections; Subject Collections; Area Studies Collections; Series Collections

renewals 25/10/17

ebooks valid to 31/12/17

04/10/2017 American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)

Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC); Molecular & Cellular Proteomics (MCP); Journal of Lipid Research (JLR)

renewals 25/10/17

04/10/2017 American Medical Association

The JAMA Network

renewals 25/10/17

04/10/2017 Tourism Research Australia

TRA Online Student Data Package

renewals 25/10/17

04/10/2017 Eurofield Information Solutions

AAAS (Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards Online)

renewals 25/10/17

04/10/2017 The Charleston Advisor (TCA)

The Charleston Advisor Online (TCA)

renewals 25/10/17

04/10/2017 American Mathematical Society


renewals 25/10/17

04/10/2017 Morningstar

DatAnalysis Premium

renewals 25/10/17

04/10/2017 Project MUSE

Premium Collection; Standard Collection; Basic Research Collection; Basic College Collection; Humanities Collection; Social Sciences Collection; Subject Collections

renewals 25/10/17

08/10/2017 Digital Science

Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI)

renewals 31/10/17; closes 4/12/17; contact Digital Science

10/10/2017 Duke University Press

e-Duke Journals Scholarly Collections: Standard or Expanded; e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection; Duke Mathematical Journal; DMJ 100 (Archive); Euclid Prime; Gender Studies eBook Subject Collection; Latin American Studies eBook Subject Collection

renewals 31/10/17

25/10/2017 Rock's Backpages

Rock's Backpages Library

renewals 25/10/17

26/10/2017 Macquarie Dictionary Publishers

Macquarie Dictionary Online & Thesaurus

renewals 15/11/17

30/10/2017 AIP Publishing

AIP Journals 2017-2019

renewals 20/11/17

30/10/2017 AIP Publishing

AIP Journals 2017-2019

renewals 20/11/17

31/10/2017 Australian Associated Press (AAP)

Who's Who in Australia; Who's Who in Business in Australia; Margaret Gee Media Guide; Directory of Australian Associations; The Australian Local Government Guide; National Guide to Government; Who's Who of Australian Women

trials available; contact AAP

02/11/2017 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)

Radiology; RadioGraphics; Radiology Legacy

renewals 23/11/17

07/11/2017 Euromonitor International

Passport (limited industries); Passport; Survey (free for all); Cities; Nutrition; Industrial; Institutitonal Channel; Ethical Labels

renewals 30/11/17;  contact Euromonitor

07/11/2017 Informit

Informit CAUL Premium Package; Informit CAUL Basic Package; Informit CONZUL Complete Package; Informit CONZUL Pick & Choose Package; Business Collection; Engineering Collection; TVNews; EduTV; Literature and Culture Collection Backfile

closes 30/11/17; contact Informit

10/11/2017 AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Science Online (includes First Release (formerly Sciencexpress)); Science Classic; Science Signaling; Science Translational Medicine; Science Robotics; Science Immunology

renewals 1/12/17

13/11/2017 ACSESS

ACSESS Digital Library

closes 30/11/17; contact iGroup

14/11/2017 NewsBank

closes 22/12/17; contact Bezi

NewsBank’s News Information Databases; Access Australia; Access New Zealand; Access Australasia: Enhanced Collection; Access World News: Research Collection

15/11/2017 Walter de Gruyter Publishers

De Gruyter eBook Packages; De Gruyter eJournal Packages; De Gruyter eJournal Archives, 1826–2014; De Gruyter Online Databases

closes 15/12/17; contact Bezi

17/11/2017 Brill eBooks

Brill eBook Collections
- 12 subject collections;
Complete Humanities and Social Sciences eBook Collection; Complete International Law and Human Rights eBook Collection; ‘Pick and Choose’ eBook Collections

closes 15/12/17; 
contact Bezi

22/11/2017 Peter Lang Academic Publishing Group

Peter Lang eBook Collections

closes 15/12/17; contact Bezi

23/11/2017 Karger

Karger Journals; Karger Journal Archive Collection and Journal Archives; Karger eJournal Backfile Collection; Karger eBooks

closes 30/11/17; contact Karger

28/11/2017 American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

ASTM International Standards Collection Online; ASTM Digital Library Online

eoi 30/11/17; 
contact IHS

29/11/2017 American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. (APPI)

PsychiatryOnline Premium

renewals 8/12/17

29/11/2017 OECD

OECD iLibrary; IEA Statistics; UN iLibrary; Commonwealth iLibrary; Norden iLibrary; ITU iLibrary

closes 30/11/17; 
contact Co Info

30/11/2017 GeoScienceWorld (GSW)

GeoScienceWorld Journals; GeoRef

closes 30/11/17; 
contact iGroup

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Last modified 11 May 2018