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Photos (left to right from top left hand corner): Margie Jantti, Jill Benn, Roxanne Missingham, Constance Wiebrands, Robert Gerrity, Carmel O'Sullivan, Catherine Clark, Diane Costello, Harry Rolf

CAUL President (2015 - 2019)

Margie Jantti (top left) was elected President in 2015, and re-elected for a second term in September 2017. She is currently Director Library Services at the University of Wollongong and her previous CAUL roles have included: member of the Executive Committee since 2012, Deputy President since 2014, chair of CAUL's Quality & Assessment Advisory Committee 2011-2014, and chair of the CAUL Leadership Institute 2014 program committee.  Margie was also the first recipient, in 2002, of the CAUL Achievement Award.

Executive Membership

Elections are held each year for at least two members of the Executive Committee. Terms of office are for two years, with members eligible to nominate for a second term in the same role. One member is designated as CAUL treasurer. The current membership is:

President: Margie Jantti (Sep 2015-2019)

Deputy President: Jill Benn (Sep 2018-2020)

Executive Committee:

  • Roxanne Missingham (Sep 2015-2019)
  • Constance Wiebrands (Sep 2016-2020, Treasurer)
  • Robert Gerrity (Sep 2017-2019)

Program Directors (ex officio):

  • Catherine Clark (Fair, affordable and open access to knowledge) (Oct 2018-2020)
  • Carmel O'Sullivan (Digital Dexterity – the new skills for learning and research excellence) (Feb 2018-2020)

Executive Director (elect): Dr Robert O'Connor (to commence February, 2019)

Executive Officer (Secretary): Diane Costello (to March, 2019)

Communication & Policy Officer: Harry Rolf

Change to Executive Membership from 2017

In 2017, new roles of Program Directors were instituted, ex officio members of the Executive, with the two areas of work:

  • Fair, affordable and open access to knowledge
  • Digital Dexterity – the new skills for learning and research excellence


Executive Officer at CAUL
Communication and Policy Officer at CAUL
University Librarian (Chief Scholarly Information Services) at Australian National University
Director Library Services at University of Southern Queensland
Director Library Services at University of Wollongong
University Librarian at University of Western Australia
University Librarian at Monash University
University Librarian at Edith Cowan University


29 November 2018

CAUL and the AOASG have released a joint statement about the importance of Open Scholarship. The statement responds to recommendations in the Australian Government Funding Arrangements for non-NHMRC Research report released by the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training in November 2018.

Author Harry Rolf
Last modified 4 December 2018