This page provides a short introduction to CAUL's visual identiy which guides the banding and imagery that you will see on our website, newsletter and other material. The visual identiy has been created using a persona (the robot) developed through a series of short statements that capture CAUL’s outstanding characteristics.

CAUL is:

  • Not a librarian or a library,
  • An association of people not books, who are leaders and experts in their profession
  • On a mission to empower (weaponise) its members by giving them a voice, and tools for advocacy, leadership and practice
  • Quirky, creative, intelligent, professional and a little nerdy
  • Calm with a measured temperament
  • A leader who commands expertise and experience
  • Bold, assertive and is not afraid to speak out on issues that matter to them
  • Opinionated but always prepared to listen and compromise
  • Excited by change, and sees disruption as an opportunity
  • An optimist who wears a smile and sees the brighter side of things
  • Really into technology, science fiction and the future.

This conceptualisation guides the incrimental development of a visual system used for creating communication materials. The intention is to create a natural ‘look’ that develops over time along with the persona. Materials produced so far include a [1] 2017 Booklet, [2] 2019 A4 Flyer and [3] Poster as shown below (click to download).

[1]   [2]   [3] 

Author Harry Rolf
Last modified 29 November 2019