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CEIRC Working Documents

CEIRC Policies

CEIRC Models for Pricing Electronic Information Resources - Principles & Framework (updated 13/9/13)

CEIRC guidelines for intermediary agents (updated 18/5/15)

CEIRC Planning

CEIRC Statement of Benefits 2008 - Greg Anderson (9/3/09)

CEIRC Operational plan 2007-2008 - (updated 18/4/07) [Members only] 

CEIRC Statement of Benefits 2007 - Andrew Wells (20/3/08)

Report of achievement agains the 2006 plan - Andrew Wells

CEIRC 2006 Operational Plan - Heather Gordon (22/3/06)

The CEIRC Strategic Directions were approved by CAUL in September, 2004.

CEIRC Risk Assessment. Prepared by G. Cribb & H. Gordon – ed by C. Anderson. (Version of 16/11/07)  [Members only]

Return on Investment (ROI) Framework for E-Resources Negotiated by CEIRC - Heather Gordon (1/12/05)

CEIRC Operations

Working with CAUL/CEIRC - for (new) publishers and their (new) representatives - presentation by Diane Costello, CAUL Executive Officer, at VALA2014, 4 February 2014.

Participation of external organisations in the CEIRC program was formally recognised in 2000, and closed following the CEIRC review in 2007..

Policy for payment of invoices to CAUL.  [Members only]

CAUL/CEIRC offers - placing orders and paying invoices (20/7/05)

CEIRC annual renewals (publisher/product portfolio, updated 5/3/10) [Members only]

Datasets Coordinators

FAQ for CEIRC Datasets Coordinators (2/10/05, updated periodically)

Roles and Responsibilities of Datasets Coordinators and CEIRC Members. CEIRC Operational Plan Item 4.3  (5/10/05)

The role of mentors for Datasets Coordinators - proposal (27/6/08) [Members only]

CEIRC Mentor Program Participants (17/2/10, updated 5/5/11) [Members only]

CEIRC Mentor Program: Two years on - report from Sue Dowling (21/2/11)  [Members only]

Licence & e-Resource Management Tools & Services

CEIRC Reviews

CEIRC Review 2007 RFQ - Final Drafted by Andrew Wells (2/8/07) [Members only]
CEIRC Review 2007 - consultant's report - final (2/1/08) [Members only]
CEIRC Review 2007 - Executive Committee recommendations vis a vis consultant's report  (28/2/08) [Members only]
CEIRC Review 1999 - Report on a Review of CEIRC for the CAUL Executive [by] Edward Lim, Margaret Macpherson, Madeleine McPherson (2/2/99) [Members only]

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