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20 January, 2017
12 January, 2017
10 January, 2017
7 January, 2017
6 January, 2017
  • RDA and Librarianship, Archival Science and Information Science.  "The Research Data Alliance builds the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing of data, and its guiding principles include harmonisation and consensus for data standards, policies, technologies, infrastructure, and communities." (EU)
2 January, 2017
23 December, 2016
22 December, 2016
  • 2017 February 13-17 Love Your Data week. This year's theme is emphasizing data quality for researchers at any stage in their career. Twitter #LYD17 or #loveyourdata
21 December, 2016
20 December, 2016
  • Productivity Commission.  Intellectual Property Arrangements. The Australian Government has asked the Productivity Commission to undertake a 12 month public inquiry into Australia's intellectual property system.  The original issues paper was released 7 October 2015.  (AU)
19 December, 2016
  • Cutting university infrastructure – not so clever. 19 Dec 2016.  "Closing the $3.7 billion Education Investment Fund (EIF) would make it harder for Australia to create new jobs, generate research breakthroughs and compete for international students – our third largest export." Universities Australia (AU)
17 December, 2016
  • Higher Education Infrastructure Working Group. Final Report 2015. Released 5 December, 2016.  PhillipsKPA for Department of Education and Training.
    • (Terms of Reference See p.61, Appendix I of the Final Report) “The Working Group is not a review but it may elect to meet with, and seek, the advice of stakeholders from time to time.” Established May 2014 by the Minister for Education and Training. “The Working Group will be supported by the Research and Higher Education Infrastructure Branch of the Department of Education.”
  • Review of Research Infrastructure. The Minister for Education and Training established the Research Infrastructure Review to advise the Australian Government on future research infrastructure provision and requirements to support research. The Review was expected to deliver its findings in mid-2015. Mr Philip Marcus Clark AM (Chairman). (4/2/15)
14 December, 2016
7 December, 2016
6 December, 2016
30 November, 2016
25 November, 2016
23 November, 2016
22 November, 2016
  • Medical Research Future Fund.  As required by the Act, the Australian Medical Research Advisory Board has finalised the inaugural Australian Medical Research and Innovation Strategy 2016-2021 (the Strategy) and the accompanying Australian Medical Research and Innovation Priorities 2016-2018 (the Priorities). These documents were registered with the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments on 9 November 2016 and subsequently announced by the Minister for Health and Aged Care on the same day. (AU)
18 November, 2016
9 November, 2016
  • 2017 September 18-21 Saint-Malo, France ECIL 2017. The European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL) is co-organised by the Department of Information Management of Hacettepe University, Department of Information and Communication Sciences of Zagreb University and the IUT Paris Descartes http://ecil2017.ilconf.org/
  • 2017 June 14-15 Brighton, UK DPASSH 2017 Conference, Preserving Abundance: The Challenge Of Saving EverythingDigital Preservation for Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities’ conference (DPASSH 2017) is organised by The Sussex Humanities Lab (SHL) and the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) http://dpassh.org/
  • 2016 December 1 at 3pm CET, Webinar: LIBER survey on Research Data Services in Europe, with insights from Professor Carol Tenopir. Please register for webinar at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/26HTK95
4 November, 2016
3 November, 2016
2 November, 2016

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